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Alireza Fakhrkonandeh


I have been appointed to a Lectureship in "Modern and Contemporary Drama and Theatre" at the University of Southampton since August 2016.

I did my Doctoral degree at the University of Warwick; and my doctoral thesis - entitled "Howard Barker's Drama of Aporias: from a Phenomenology of the Body to an Ontology of the Flesh" - comprised a philosophical-theoretical analysis of Howard Barker's drama. Currently, I am engaged in turning my doctoral thesis, with ceratin alterations and revisions, into a monograph. This academic year, I am teaching as a post-doctoral teaching fellow in the Department of Comparative Literary Studies at Warwick University.

My supervisors were Prof. Thomas Docherty, Prof. Daniel Katz, and Prof. Anthony Howard. Furthermore, I benefited from having the ensuing readers for the relevant chapters of my PhD thesis: Prof Nicholas Royle, Prof Elizabeth Sakellaridou and Prof. David Ian Rabey, among others.

I did my BA degree in English Literature and Language at Esfahan University and graduated as the top student. I attained the 2nd rank in the nationwide MA Entrance Examinations. I received my MA degree in English Literature and Language from Tehran University and graduated once more as the top student.

My MA thesis included a critical analysis of Howard Barker’s The Castle, Fence in Its Thousandth Year, The Last Supper, and Women Beware Women in the light of Badiou’s ethics of the event and (post-)existential aesthetics of self-cultivation (predicated on Nietzsche’s and Foucault’s relevant theories of subjectivity, morality and corporeality coupled with Butler's constructivist theory of discourse and meaning, and also with a view to feminist stylistics). In brief, it focused on the corporeo-ethical strategies that can be adopted by the individual, the implementation of which can occasion the disruption of the phallogocentric discourse and ontology, on the one hand, and sovereign, liberal-humanist identity, on the other.

I am the authorized academic transIator of Howard Barker's works (from English into Persian) and have also translated some other plays by Sara Kane, Terry Johnson and Tom Stoppard. I have also written numerous critical articles (in English and Persian) on his plays and his book on death. I have written a book on the linguistic, aesthetic and philosophical aspects of death and silence drawing on works of Blanchot, Heidegger, Bataille, Agamben, Levinas, Wittgenstein, Beckett, Derrida and Lyotard. I have also published a collection of my poems and proposed a new trend in Iranian poetry called Chaos Poetry.


My Page:


This year (2015-16) I am teaching two Honours Level modules (Modern World Literatures), am in charge of the whole syllabus throughout the academic year, in conjunction with teaching in two as a sessional tutor.

In 2012-2013, I taught the following course as an Honour's core module: EN123 Modern World Literatures (to the students of literature):

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Peer-Reviewed Articles in English:

1. "Acousmatic Voice as a Chiasmatic Space" in Symploke (University of Nebraska) forthcoming in 22:1-2, December 2014; pp. 255-193.

Link to the article:

2. "Asyntactic Contact with Fleshless Words" in JCDE (Journal of Contemporary Drama in English) 2nd issue, December 2013.

Link to the journal and article:

3."Noli Me Tangere: The Efflorescence of the Third Skin in the Torsions of Pain"; forthcoming in Textual Practice, 2016.

4. “Melancholy Ontology, Crypt(ic) Subjectivity, and the Lost (m)Other in Howard Barker’s Theatre of Catastrophe” forthcoming in Comparative Drama 2016 (published by Wisconsin University).

5."Prufrock: on the Couch or in the Street: A Schizoanalytic Reading of Eliot's Early Poetry," under review.



1. "Noli Me Tangere: The Efflorescence of the Third Skin in the Torsions of Pain", delivered at the international conference of "Between Bodies/Bodies Between" held in Ireland, April 2013. You can see the details and the schedule of the conference by following the link provided below:!/p/between-bodies.html

2. "Prufrock: on the Couch or in the Street: A Schizoanalytic Reading of the Poem", presented at Modernism Now International Conference, London 2014

3. "Is Everything in the Text or the Context? Trace as a Means of Writing a Contextual Text", delivered at Warwick Annual Postgraduate Symposium, May 2014.

4. "Aporia in Arcadia (A Philosophical Reading of Barker’s Ego in Arcadia)", presented at Warwick Annual Postgraduate Symposium, May 2013.

5. "Con/T(r)actile Aesth/Ethics: A Philosophical Reading of Howard Barker's The Castle", presented at Warwick Annual Postgraduate Symposium, May 2012.


1.Victory (by Howard Barker): Farda Pubs.

2. Scenes from an Execution (by Howard Barker): Boutimar Pubs.

Scenes from an Execution

3. No End of Blame (by Howard Barker): Gaame No and Farda Pubs.

No End of Blame Trans.

4. Pity in History (by Howard Barker): Porsesh Pubs.

Pity in History

5. Death, the One and the Art of Theatre (by Howard Barker): Gaame No Pubs.

Death, the One and the Art of Theatre

6. Aporias (by Jacques Derrida): forthcoming

7. The World of Perception (by Merleau-Ponty) Gaame No Pubs.

8. Judith (by Howard Barker) forthcoming

9. Arcadia (by Tom Stoppard) forthcoming

10. Blasted (by Sarah Kane), unbublished

11. Arguments for a Theatre (by Howard Barker) forthcoming

12. Blok/Eko (by Howard Barker) forthcoming

13. The Castle (by Howard Barker) Boutimar Pubs.

14. The Eyes of the Skin (Juhanne Pallasma) Cheshmeh Pubs.

15. Psychosis 4:48 (by Sarah Kane) Mehr Quarterly

16. Hysteria (by Terry Johnson) Mehr Quarterly


Authored Works:

The Lip-prints of Death on Photo: Essays on the Philosophy of Death



These Who Are Lying Awake under Your Skin forthcoming by Cheshmeh Publications, later in 2014.


Articles in Persian:

1. "Chaos Poetry"

2. "Bent Lines, Battered Bodies"

3. "Black Contains Infinite Colors"



alireza fakhrkonandehAlireza Fakhrkonandeh

A dot Fakhrkonandeh at warwick dot ac dot uk