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Nadeen Dakkak

I completed my PhD thesis on migration to the Arab Gulf States in Arabic fiction in 2021 and was an Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study at the University of Warwick in 2020-2021.

I taught on the EN122 Modes of Reading module in 2017/2018 and on the EN123 Modern World Literatures module in 2018/2019.


“The Gulf as an Unhomely Home: Reconfiguring Citizenship and Belonging in Diasporic Narratives on Second-Generation Migrants” In Migration in the Making of the Gulf Space: Social, Political, and Cultural DimensionsLink opens in a new window, edited by Antia Mato Bouzas and Lorenzo Casini. Berghahn Books, 2022.

“‘Ana mafi khouf min kafeel’: Counter-Narratives in Comedic Video Representations of Migrant Workers in the Arab Gulf States,” Mashriq and Mahjar, 9.1 (2022),

- “Contesting Narratives of Victimization in Migration to the Arab Gulf States: A Reading of Mia Alvar’s In the Country,” Journal of Arabian Studies 11.1 (April 2021), pp. 118-136,

- “The Absent Voices of Second-Generation Migrants in the Gulf States,” (27 June 2020)

- “Migrant Labour, Immobility and Invisibility in Literature on the Arab Gulf States,” In Mobilities, Literature, CultureLink opens in a new window, edited by Marian Aguiar, Charlotte Mathieson, and Lynne Pearce. Palgrave Macmillan (November 2019), pp. 189-210

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