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Roxanne Douglas


roxanne douglas

I am currently a PhD candidate with the English and Comparative Literature Department at the University of Warwick. My research project, Stories of Paradox and Exposure: Second Wave Arab Feminist Writing focuses on Arab women’s writing from the 1980s onward, in translation. I look at authoresses primarily from Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria, such as Mansoura Ez Eldin, Nawal El Saadawi, Joumana Haddad, and Hanan Al-Shayk. My work identifies and explores the Second Wave of Arab Feminism, and focuses on the nuances of exchange between wider culture on feminist discourse, such as on spaces and method of protest, gender based violence, and language and genre.

While my PhD project focuses on Arab women’s writings, my research interests vary widely, including feminisms and international feminisms, postcolonial studies, embodiment studies, place and space theory, gender and queer theory, gothic literature, zombie fiction, and monstrosity.

roxanne douglas 2

I have presented papers based on my Masters dissertation project, The Body and Discourse in Lebanese and Egyptian Women’s Writings at ‘Scheherazade in Classical, Modern and Postmodern Worlds’ Conference at Sheffield University (2016), and presented a paper on How Can Western Feminists Analyse the Middle East? at a conference at Durham University in celebration of International women's day (March 2017) and at the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender Graduate Seminar Series at the University of Warwick (November 2016).

More recently I have presented Sexual Violence and the City: A Short History of Gender Violence Among Protestors in the 2011 Cairo Uprisings for 'Fifty Years of Revolution: Gender, Race and Resistance 1968-2018' held at the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York (May 2018); as well as Fear Writing: the Gothic in Contemporary Arab Women's Writing for the 14th Annual Postgraduate Symposium in the English and Comparative Literary Studies Department (May 2018).

14th Annual PG Symposium

I was a participant in the 2019 'Lebanon Dissertation Summer Institute’ in association with American University of Beirut’s Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES) and the Arab Studies Institute. This includes 1 year research affiliation with CAMES.

As well as studying and teaching I am a Deputy Warden for the Residential Life Team on campus.


My first teaching role was as a private tutor teaching English as a second language, and then I worked as a sessional cover teacher in a special educational needs college. In 2016/17 I taught on EN123 Modern World Literature. In 2017/18 I taught on the Academic Writing Program, EN122: Modes of Reading, IL005: Applied Imagination with IATL, and on IP103: Art and Revolution with Liberal Arts.

In 2018/19 I taught on the Academic Writing Program and Art and Revolution again, as well as being the Academic Writing Support Officer for the English and Comparative Literature department for 2018/19. This provision is designed to offer students contructive and targeted individual support to help them develop their academic writing and build on tutor feedback; you can make an appointment here.

I am touched to have won the 2017/18 WATE Award for Postgraduates who Teach, and sincerely thank my students and colleagues who nominated me.


Twitter: @Rox_Douglas_