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Dr Nancy Haijing Jiang

Nancy is an Associate Tutor for the English and Comparative Literary Studies Department. She focuses on the medieval period with an especial interest in late medieval religious literature, penitential practice, and pre-modern economic history. Her current project--The Trade of Penance: Commerce and Confession in Late Middle English Literature--examines how late medieval writers and thinkers harnessed the tools and discourses from their ever-expanding commercial culture to interrogate, teach, and re-envision the doctrines of sin and salvation.

Ph.D. Northwestern University

M.St. University of Oxford

B.A. University of Oxford


“From Audits to Confessionals: The Influence of Accounting Technologies on Medieval Penitential Pedagogy,” in Media Technologies and Digital Humanities in Medieval and Early Modern studies, eds. Katharine Scherff and Lane Sobehrad (New York: Routledge, forthcoming Dec 2022)

“The Theme of Exile within Old English Christian Poetry: Developing the Positive Exilic Hero,” Quaestio Insularis 17 (2017): 1-19

Recent Conferences and Presentations

“For her Interest: Margery Kempe’s Penitential Credit Market,” New Chaucer Society. University of Durham, July 2022

“Women of Credit and Female Spirituality in Pre-Modern England,” Freedom and Work in Western European history conference. University of Exeter, July 2022

“Teaching Sloth’s Confession Online: Piers Plowman, Pandemic Pedagogy, and a Student-Centred Classroom,” International Medieval Congress. University of Leeds, July 2021

Moderator, Women and Agency Symposium. University of Oxford, June 2021

“Mercantile Bargaining and Confessional Exchange in Late Medieval Sermon Exempla Tradition,” International Congress on Medieval Studies. Western Michigan University, May 2021

“Reading the Knight’s Account Book of Conscience in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History and Robert Mannyng’s Handlyng Synne,” Texas Medieval Association Conference. University of North Texas, Oct 2020

“The Economics of Penitential Pedagogy and the Vernon Paternoster Diagram,” International Medieval Congress. University of Leeds, July 2020

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Office hours (Term 2 2021/22):
Tuesdays (in person or online) 11am-12pm, FAB 3.32

Email: haijing dot jiang at warwick dot ac dot uk