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Southwark Romeo

Avant Garde Dance’s Romeo and Juliet


Delivering eleven innovative shows, commissioned by Southwark Council as part of Blackfriars Stories and The National Theatre's Watch This Space Festival, the productions showcase Shakespeare's epic love story unfolding through the streets of London, in celebration of his 450th birthday in 2014.

Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle said, "Blackfriars is the focus of major property developments and regeneration and will continue to be over the coming years but in the interim, I am excited for people to see the production in such an historic area that uses the cityscape as its stage.

"These fantastic and imaginative shows not only present a modern take of a literary classic, but also treat audiences to an incredibly artistic and mobile performance in one of London's most historic areas undergoing transformation."

Julian Rudd, Founder and Director of Remarkable Productions said: "Avant Garde's Romeo and Juliet is an extraordinary production. Tony Adigun's direction and choreography combined with Maxwell Golden's writing and dramaturgy has created a truly immersive experience for audiences that is one the most innovative and challenging shows that Remarkable Productions has produced."
Avant Garde Dance's Romeo and Juliet is a hip hop theatre piece that is adapted to a number of indoor and outdoor locations across a number of venues in Blackfriars. The story begins in The Crown Public House and then moves to a number of contrasting locations in Blackfriars, a fascinating and forgotten part of Central London.

Audiences were given wireless headphones, allowing them to move with the performance piece yet still be isolated from the world around them. Performers will also use in ear monitoring and headset head-set microphones to deliver the tale.

Romeo and Juliet is the second event in the Blackfriars Stories programme.