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Translation, Theory and Practice

Paul Botley, BA (Reading), MA (York), PhD (Cambridge) - Assistant Professor

Research interests include the classical tradition in early modern literature; renaissance letters; neo-Latin literature; Erasmus; the history of the Bible; education in the renaissance; translation; the Greek diaspora in renaissance Europe; the history of scholarship. He is currently writing a book on one of the translators of the King James Bible, Richard ‘Dutch’ Thomson (c. 1568-1613), and has a longstanding interest in the work of Isaac Casaubon (1559-1614). Recent publications include Renaissance Latin Translations (Cambridge, 2004) and Learning Greek in Western Europe, 1396-1536. (Philadephia, 2010). He is currently bringing out (with Dirk van Miert) a co-edited critical edition of The Correspondence of Joseph Scaliger (1540-1609) (Geneva: Droz, forthcoming 2012), 8 volumes. He is also a member of the Medieval and Early Modern research group.

John Fletcher, BA (Melbourne), BPhil (Oxford) – Associate Professor

Three main areas: eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Gothic and related writing; the formation of modern gay and lesbian cultural identities, subcultures and writings; psychoanalytic theory, especially the work of Jean Laplanche, which he translates and edits from the French. He has edited volumes on film melodrama (Melodrama and Transgression, in Screen 1987), Julia Kristeva (Abjection, Melancholia and Love, 1990) and Jean Laplanche (Jean Laplanche: A Dossier, 1992), and a collection of Laplanche’s metapsychological papers, Essays on Otherness (1999) and a special issue of New Formations (2002-03). He has recently published essays on Laplanche's metapsychology (Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 2007), Freud and Sophocles' Oedipus The King (Textual Practice, 2007), and Freud and E. T. A. Hoffman (Angelaki, 2002). He is finishing a book on Freud and the Scenography of Trauma that addresses the status and power of traumatic scenes in Freud's interpretative practice and models of psychic life, as well as a collection of studies of traumatic narratives in film and literature. In the near future, he will be overseeing the translation into English of Laplanche's complete works. He is also incubating a book on Modernity and the Gothic, the haunting of the culture of modernity by the ineradicable hold of tradition and inheritance. He is also a member of the Critical Theory research group, the British Writing and Culture 1750-1900 research group, and the Literature and Psychoanalysis research group.

Maureen Freely, AB (Harvard) – Professor

Author of six novels (Mother’s Helper, The Life of the Party, The Stork Club, Under the Vulcania, The Other Rebecca, and - most recently - Enlightenment) as well as three works of non-fiction (Pandora's Clock, What About Us? An Open Letter to the Mothers Feminism Forgot, and The Parent Trap). Translator of five books by the Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk (Snow, The Black Book, Istanbul: Memories of a City, Other Colours and The Museum of Innocence), she is active in various campaigns to champion free expression. She also works with campaigns aiming to promote world literature in English translation. She has been a regular contributor to the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent and the Sunday Times for two decades, writing on feminism, family and social policy, Turkish culture and politics, and contemporary writing. She is also a member of the Creative Writing research group and the Modern and Contemporary Literature research group.



John Gilmore, BA, MA, PhD (Sidney, Sussex, Cambridge) - Associate Professor 

Educated in Barbados where he lived and worked for fourteen years; spending four years teaching at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies, before coming to Warwick in 1996, where he taught in the Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies. His research interests lie in the history of translation in the eighteenth century; British and Caribbean literature in the long eighteenth century in English and Latin; issues relating to the reception of classical literature and to Latin, race and gender; and the history of cultural relations between China and the West. John's publications include the A-Z of Barbados Heritage (Oxford: Macmillan Caribbean, 2003) and an edition of J. W. Orderson, Creoleana: Or, Social and Domestic Scenes and Incidents in Barbados in Days of Yore and the same author’s The Fair Barbadian and Faithful Black (Oxford: Macmillan Caribbean, 2002).

Tony Howard, BA (Warwick), MA (Toronto) – Professor

Shakespeare in performance; contemporary British drama; and Polish poetry and theatre. He is the author of Shakespeare: Cinema: Hamlet (1993) and edited the accompanying video comparing filmed versions of the play. Women as Hamlet (2007) includes studies of the shifting relationship of culture and gender in Britain, America, Weimar Germany, Stalinist Russia, and Poland and East Germany during the fall of Communism. In the long term he plans a book on Shakespeare and the mass media. He co-edited, with John Stokes, Acts of War (1996), which explores the representation of military conflict in postwar British stage and television drama. He is also a member of the Shakespeare, Drama, and Performance research group, and the Modern and Contemporary Literature research group.

Michael Hulse, MA (St Andrews) - Associate Professor

His selected poems, Empires and Holy Lands: Poems 1976-2000, were published in 2002. The translator of some sixty books from the German (Goethe, Wassermann, Sebald, etc.), he is also a critic, has taught at universities in Germany and Switzerland, and has read, lectured, and conducted workshops and seminars worldwide. He co-edited the anthology The New Poetry, was general editor for several years of a literature classics series, established the poetry press Leviathan and recently the literary and arts magazine The Warwick Review. He is also a member of the Creative Writing research group.

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