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About the archive

From the small and intimate poetry readings held in Leamington in the 1970s to current sell-out events featuring authors in the Arts Centre, the University of Warwick has long recognised the value of hearing writers performing their own work. Many of these readings were recorded and they have now been collected together online in the Writers at Warwick Audio Archive. Here you can listen to authors reading and discussing their work, in some cases at several points throughout their careers. The archive is designed to be used in a number of different ways. You can search for a particular recording, or use the A-Z index of writers to find a writer you are particularly interested in. Alternatively if you wish to explore a particular time period, genre (such as poetry) or theme (such as narrative or magic realism) you can browse by date, genre or theme. There is also a growing number of collections which draw recordings together around particular topics of interest - you can even suggest a collection of your own. There is no charge to access the archive, which is to be used for educational and research purposes only.