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Postgraduate Methods Reading Group

The methods reading group for postgraduate research students in the department of film and television studies meets three times a term to discuss an essay or article. The aims of the group are to provide a space for intellectual discussion slightly separated from the concerns arising from individual research topics, and to develop and strengthen participants' understanding of how to situate their own work within broader patterns of humanities scholarship.

The material chosen for reading will often not be directly about film or television, and will be selected to

i) introduce a concept (e.g., 'thick description') and/or be written by an author (e.g., Jacques Rancière) known and used in the humanities, but perhaps often second- (or third-)hand, and/or

ii) permit reflection upon certain of the methods and frameworks employed in the humanities: their origins, their application, their logic, their usefulness, their limitations and their alternatives.

We hope that participation in the group will identify and begin to address potential knowledge gaps and encourage constructive reflexivity on the part of group members concerning the methodologies they employ and encounter in their ongoing research.

The group normally meets on the Wednesdays of Weeks 3, 5, and 8, at 4.00 pm in A.1.28.

Previous topics have included:
Temporal and Spatial Vectors of the Film Image; Registers of Engagement; Questions of Film Historiography; Textuality, Tactility, and Spectatorship; Motion Pictures / Moving Bodies; Cult Tastes, Cinephilia, and Informal Film Distribution