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Sound Cultures

In this module we will explore the relationship between sound and image in audiovisual culture, where film music is just one variety of sonic form. We will move from classical movie music to contemporary sound design and then retrace our steps back to the invention of sound recording technologies, which narrowly pre-date cinema, though the two do not officially combine until the emergence of the 'talkies' in 1927. Nevertheless, we will examine the possibilities for 'silent film sound', and begin to track the correspondences between moving images, live performance and local culture. We will consider the histories and characteristics of a selection of musical subcultures, and look at how film has been used to document, exploit, celebrate and express the audiovisual style of subcultures, often all at the same time. Other aspects that will be covered during the module include: sound and space, sound and time, sound and the city, and how to talk about sound critically.

Module Outline
Reading List

Module Leader


Dr. Michael Pigott