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Postgraduate Induction


We’re delighted that you’re joining us in the Department this year and hope that you’ll settle in quickly, find new friends and be intellectually challenged and stimulated by your course, whether it be an MA or an MPhil/PhD. The Department is a close-knit community of film and television scholars and we’re glad that you’ve opted to study here with us.

The University's Graduate School pages ( have lots of essential information on it about settling into university life. In the Department, there are a number of people who can guide you: Tracey McVey is our Departmental Administrator and is a great first port of call for any questions you have. Her office is room A0.13 – please do call in to see her if you have any concerns at all. Lynsey Willmore (office A0.12) deals with postgraduate matters and can also help.

You will be assigned a personal tutor (or advisor for research postgraduates) within days of term starting who will advise you in the Department. You will meet your tutor in the first couple of weeks of term and you’ll be told all about how your personal tutor or advisor will support you.

Dr Alastair Phillips is Head of Department and Prof Stephen Gundle is Director of Postgraduate Studies (for the Spring Term Dr Karl Schoonover will take over this role) and they will both be around to meet you in your first week. If you have any course-based queries – Stephen's office is A0.18 . He will be there during the times posted on the board outside and and his email address is if you wish to make an appointment to see him.

We have posted your Week One timetable on the right-hand side of this page; have a look at this, and you'll be able to see what we have planned for your arrival in the Department.

(Word Document) Week 1 Timetable

(Word Document) MA Summer Reading Guide

(Word Document) Warwick Graduate Skills Programme 2016-2017

*** The Welcome Meeting for new postgraduate students will take place on Tuesday 4th October at 10.30 in Room A1.27, Millburn House. ***