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Outbound Students: Finance and Funding


Detailed information on finance and funding can be found here . Some key points are listed below

  • Students do not pay tuition fees to their host university (other fees may apply)
  • Students continue to pay fees to Warwick during their intercalated, but these fees are at a reduced rate for that year (rates return to normal for the fourth year)
  • Eligible students will still be able to access a tuition fee loan for the duration of the year abroad and on their return in the fourth year

The Finance Application Cycle opens in January. As The application process takes from six to eight weeks, students are highly encouraged to begin the process as soon as the cycle opens, even if they have not received confirmation from their host university. Applications can be changed any time before the close of the cycle.


Several sources of funding are open to students embarking on a year abroad. Students on a Year Abroad may be eleible to receive the year abroad rate of maintance loan. The loan asmount is still dependendent on household income, but may be slightly higher than the amount received while at Warwick. A Travel Grant is also available to students in reeicpt of finance dependent on household income. This grant is intended to contribute towards the cost of expenses such as flights, insurance, and visas. Students studying in Europe may be eligible for the Erasmus+ Grant funded by the European Commission. The exact amount will vary depending on the country of study.


Accommodation provision differs depedning on host university. Students are responsible for researching their accommodation. Please see the relevant links for your host university on the Our PartnersOur Partners page.