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Film History (FI 106)


Cinema didn’t get to where it is today by standing still.

There are innovations that changed cinema forever – its invention, the introduction of synchronised sound, digital imaging technology.

But these events didn’t happen overnight, and nor did they happen in a vacuum. This module will connect an understanding of film’s technological developments with its industrial and social history.

We’re also interested in how films reflect historical events and how they might be considered historical documents in themselves. We’ll explore how ‘history’ is written and cover some of the key theoretical approaches to the history of cinema.

By the end of the module, you’ll have a firm grounding in film history and will be able to apply these new ways of thinking about history (in a broad sense) to the other films you encounter as you progress through your degree.

Class Location and Time

Lecture Tue 9 - 10am A0.28
Seminars Tue 1 - 4pm
Screenings Mon 5pm + Tue 10am A0.28


Essay 1 x 3,000 words 30%

Essay 1 x 3,000 words 30%

Examination: 2 hours 40%