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Film Criticism - Spring

Module Leader: José Arroyo (Rm A1.17 Millburn House)

The module will continue and develop the aims from the Autumn Term. In addition, this term the module will focus more particularly on film criticism: what is it? What does it do? How do we evaluate it? How has it evolved? Thus at the core of the module is the delineation of the varieties of ways celebrated films of Hollywood’s classic era and equally celebrated films from 1950’s Art-house cinema have been appreciated. The aim here is first to simply to introduce you in a detailed way to these works. Additionally, these classic films are accompanied by criticism from some of our most celebrated critics, largely drawn from an Anglo-American context but not exclusively so. Thus, the second but no less important aim, is to introduce you to some of the finest film criticism on these films. A rationale behind the selection of films and criticism is the idea of a canon that is already pre-selected. You might note that most of these films are available from the Criterion collection and that the required reading for each week is usually a BFI Classic monograph on that film. Thus at the core of this module is not only detailed textual analysis of each film, but also how such analysis is grounded in questions of context, historical but discursive. What is thought good, true, beautiful; according to which paradigms; and when?

(Word Document) Film Criticism Spring Outline