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Visual Cultures (FI109)


What makes a film a film? Or a television programme a television programme? How are these forms different from and similar to each other – and from related media forms like photography, video games, prints, and paintings?

In this module, you’ll explore the relationships between different types of visual media, and develop an understanding of visual cultures in a wider sense that will complement and extend your Year 1 film modules. This is also where you’ll explore the basics of television studies – a strand that you will have the option to continue as you progress through the degree.

Class Location and Time

Wednesday 10.00 - 13.00 A1.25
Thursday 10.00 - 14.00 A1.25


1 x essay 1,500 words 30%

1 x essay 1,500 words 30%

Examination: 2 hours 40%


Module Resources

Unit 1
Unit 2

Unit 3

Module Leaders

Dr. Michael Pigott

Dr. James Taylor

Dr. Julie Lobalzo-Wright