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• Click on ‘ Submit Assignment’ button below

• All your due assignments for this module will be listed.( Please note that only this module assignments you have registered for will be displayed )

• Selecting your due assignment will present your with a form prefilled with you university ID number.

• Please note that you can only submit documents in the format .doc, docx or pdf. Your attachment will be automatically prefixed by the system with your student ID number .

• After completing the form the system will email you a confirmation receipt to your Warwick account.
Please keep this email confirmation for future reference.

• You can resubmit which will overwrite your previous submission up until deadline.

• The Film & Television department may put essays through the JISC source matching service (anti-plagiarism software) to check their integrity.

submit button

Once you have successfully submitted the assignment will change status and be flagged as ‘submitted.

The Coursework system will email an alert to your Warwick email address notifying you your feedback is available. Use the link provided to retrieve your feedback.

You can return to this page at any time to check out previous feedback form this module which will remain until you leave the university.