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Horror and the Gothic in Film and TV (FI 325)

The interconnected genres of horror and the Gothic have a long and fascinating history in film and television. The study of these genres has also produced some of the most ground-breaking work in the academic disciplines of film and television studies.

Together, we’ll consider questions of genre, address and medium specificity. What is the history of Gothic and horror programming on television, and how might we understand the recent upsurge in the production and broadcast of this genre? How have Gothic and horror films – both contemporary and classic –been understood in critical literature? And how have recent changes in production, distribution and exhibition of horror cinema impacted upon the genre and its aesthetics?

You’ll be devising your own research project around these topics, and students relish the opportunity to get stuck into research (and make their tutor watch some really gruesome films and programmes!). Alternatively, this innovative module is designed to get you thinking about the place of film and television in the wider community, and you may be assessed by designing a film season which is accompanied by critical commentary on the horror film festival.

This course is assessed by a 5,000 word essay or a 5,000 word portfolio.

Video from the 2017-18 'Scary Women' horror film festival.