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The Practice of Film Criticism


MODULE NAME: The Practice of Film Criticism


This practice-based module will equip you with the tools, knowledge and skills to produce different types of film criticism to a high standard. You will achieve this by looking at and discussing a range of films and critical responses to these films. This will include both written and audio-visual criticism. The real emphasis here will be on your own work: the process of writing and researching criticism and the various ways of ‘doing’ film criticism. This will mean that in a typical week, as well as analysing a film and interrogating examples of critical writing or audio-visual responses to it, you might also, as a group, workshop criticism produced by students on the module. You can get the most out of this experience by approaching it as something akin to a creative writing module with the added benefit of a focus on the emergent and increasingly popular form of the video essay.

Class Location and Time

Tuesday: 3-6 Introduction and screening
Wednesdays 9-1: Workshop Room


1 review x 1500 words (40%)
1 longer essay 3,500 words
1 video essay under 5 minutes (60%) due at the end of term.


Module Resources

Module Outline
Module Blog
Summer Reading

Module Leader


José Arroyo