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Film and Television Studies News

Karl Schoonover in conversation at Oxford

Karl Schoonover (Warwick) and Elena Lombardi (Italian, Balliol College, Oxford) discuss how urban space and Rome's redevelopment appear in De Sica's classic neorealist film Bicycle Thieves (1948).
This is part of the Cities on Film series at Oxford University, supported by the Oxford Forum and Stanford University Centre in Oxford

4 – 7pm | Thursday 16 February
Stanford House, 65 High Street, Oxford

Films about cities are both part of modern urban experience and a mode of our reflecting on that experience. Over the last century both cinema and cities have been in flux. What have we learned from films that explore cities? About cities? About films? About tradition? About modernity? About fantasy? About reality? About beauty? About ugliness? About living? About ourselves? About making sense or nonsense of any or all of these? In this series of Film events, the Oxford Forum and Stanford University Centre in Oxford are showing entrancing films about cities, followed by dialogues and discussion.

Thu 16 Feb 2017, 10:27 | Tags: engagement staff Events News Research impact Research news

Dr. Alastair Phillips speaks about Jacques Becker's 'Rendez-vous de juillet' at BFI

On Wednesday 08 March Dr. Alastair Phillips will speak about Jacques Becker's 'Rendez-vous de juillet' at the BFI Southbank, alongside a screening of the film.

Find out more, and book tickets, here.

Rendez-vous de juillet

France 1949
Dir Jacques Becker
With Daniel Gélin, Maurice Ronet, Brigitte Auber
English subtitles
Certificate PG

"This is one of the finest films about the post-war Paris of St Germain-des-Prés, a microcosm where philosophy, theatre and jazz thrived. A young man tries to persuade his group to join him in making an ethnographic film in the Congo, but his idealism causes ruptures in love and friendship. Becker’s direction of his glittering cast is impeccable."

Sun 12 Feb 2017, 21:46 | Tags: engagement staff Events

SiciliaQueer interviews Dr Karl Schoonover


Earlier this summer, Schoonover was interviewed in Palermo along with his collaborator Professor Rosalind Galt about their ongoing work on the politics of queer world cinema. Schoonover and Galt were guest of Palermo's biggest annual film festival SiciliaQueer.

Fri 16 Sep 2016, 19:29 | Tags: media engagement staff News Research impact

José Arroyo writes about Argentine director Andrés di Tella's latest film


In November 2015 Argentine director Andrés di Tella (Prohibido, 1997, Fotografías, 2007, El país del diablo, 2008) visited the University of Warwick to give a cinema workshop, chaired by the Film and Television Studies Department's José Arroyo. In a recent blog post José writes about di Tella's latest film: 

Sun 01 May 2016, 22:21 | Tags: engagement staff News

The Projection Project at Flatpack Film Festival Apr 19 - 24


The Projection Project, which is an AHRC funded research project that investigates projection, will contribute a number of events at the upcoming Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham:


Richard Nicholson: The Projectionists

Gas Hall: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
From Wednesday 20 April at 11am to Sunday 24 April at 5pm 
A free event suitable for all ages


Photographer Richard Nicholson has been travelling the country, gaining privileged access to a realm where most cinema-goers never venture; the projection box. As film has made way for digital, both the job and the work-place have changed fundamentally, and Richard’s beautifully detailed images capture this pivotal moment.

This exhibition is part of our Projection Project, exploring the changing role of the projectionist over the past century. Some of the fruits of this work will be on show as part of the Celluloid City day, including Richard himself in conversation.

Gas Hall opening times: Wednesday – Friday 12pm – 7pm, Saturday 10.30am – 9pm, Sunday 10.30am – 5pm


Secrets of the projection box

Part of the Flatpack Film Festival’s ‘Celluloid City’ day

Gas Hall: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Sunday 24 April, 3.45pm 
A free event suitable for all ages


Hair in the gate. Cigarette burns. The Maltese Cross. Projectionists inhabit a parallel universe with its own lexicon and rituals. Last year we embarked on the Projection Project exploring different aspects of this world, and at this event we will share some of the stories, sights and sounds we’ve discovered.

Claire Jesson is interested in the projectionist as represented onscreen, and will be showing a selection of clips from different movies. Richard Wallace has travelled the country interviewing a range of film technicians about their work, while Michael Pigott has been capturing the unique auditory environment of the box. Finally, Alexa Raisbeck is a projectionist and artist who will be talking about how her work is informed by analogue film technologies.


There will also be a Virtual Projection Box to explore, and members of the research team will be there to talk about the project (both in the Gas Hall along with the Richard Nicholson exhibtion).

And WarPUnit - the Warwick Projection Unit - will see intrepid Warwick students taking to the streets of Birmingham to do some guerrilla outdoor projection during the festival.

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