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Jake Edwards


'Unidentified Flying Objects and the Photographic Image':

My thesis examines the unique aesthetic configuration of the 'UFO photograph' (photographs of unidentified flying objects), paying particular attention to the manner in which these images complicate conventional understandings of the evidential capacity of photography, and the manner in which these complications are treated in the representation of UFOs in the visual arts (principally, moving image narratives).

My work on this project is jointly supervised by Dr. Michael Pigott and Dr. Karl Schoonover, and it is funded by a CADRE (Centre For Arts Doctoral Research Excellence) scholarship.

I have previously completed research projects on a range of subjects including 'mixed media' aesthetics in the films of Harmony Korine (MA dissertation), black-and-white digital cinema (MA independent research project), and images of celluloid decay in narrative and experimental cinema (BA dissertation).

On the 17th of July, 2018, I presented a paper at the University of Warwick Day Conference on the 21st Century Sublime, titled: 'Reading the Unidentifiable: The Case of Ufology.'

In September 2019, I presented a paper at the Centre For Contemporary Legend's 2019 Folklore On Screen conference (Sheffield Hallam University), titled: '"Alien Qualities": UFOs and the Photographic Image,' in which I related the work of art historian Henri Focillon to questions raised by UFO photographs.


I hold an MA (with distinction) in Film and Television Studies (2015—2016) and a first class BA in Film and Television Studies (2012—2015) from the University of Warwick.

In 2014 I was awarded the 'Giving To Warwick' Prize in Film and Television Studies.


In autumn 2018 I assisted José Arroyo, and Dr. Karl Schoonover, taking seminars for the second-year undergraduate module Hollywood Cinema, and the first-year undergraduate module Theories of the Moving Image.

In spring 2020 I will assist Dr. James C. Taylor, taking seminars for the new first-year undergraduate module Screen Technologies.



UFO Photograph (Almiro Baraúna, Trindade Island, 16/01/1958)


Mars Attacks! (Tim Burton, 1996)


James Turrell, Accretion Disk (2018)