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Centre for Television Histories Blog

February 2020

What do we make of the television archive?

A post by Helen Wheatley

There are lots of ways to interpret and answer this deceptively simple question. Being asked what we make of something is often an idiomatic invitation to discuss how we think or feel about it. It invites a sharing of opinion and opens up a process of evaluation. In broad terms, who the ‘we’ is in this question determines what we make of the television archive. As an academic historian of television, and director of the Centre of Television Histories, it might be assumed that the ‘we’ in this question is me and other television historians. What this ‘we’ make of the television archive is fairly well-documented. Read more

July 2019

Community Engagement and the Television Archive

A post by the Centre for Television Histories's Research Assistant, Katie Crosson

In July a workshop took place at the Centre for Television Histories that saw exceptionally stimulating discussion from some of 2019’s most eminent television historians and archivists. The day’s lead organiser, Helen Wheatley (University of Warwick) emphasised that both these groups of people who are engaged in and with television’s history are ona shared journey. Throughout two sessions comprising of presentations and discussion, we asked why television history is important, who we want to engage in the stories and processes of television history, how this work could be done, and where said work would take place. Read more

March 2016

Centre's response to the changes at the National Media Museum, Bradford

A message from Joanne Garde-Hansen, Rachel Moseley, and Helen Wheatley.

November 2015

Hazel Adair