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Information for Visiting Researchers

Visiting Academic Researchers - must request access to University and Department resources, including any supervision or advice they may wish to receive from academic staff, prior to their visit to ensure that their wishes can be accommodated. For Researchers who wish to access library resources remotely but do not intend to visit the centre in person, please contact the Centre directly for procedures.

Former PhD Students or Fixed Term Staff - who have reached the end of their contract may request to retain access to Centre and University Resources. Those who wish to do so must specify which resources they require (noting the duration and reason for the request) and contact the Centre accordingly.

Postdoctoral Researchers - an individual who has received his/her doctoral degree recently may be eligible to apply for Post-doctoral fellow status to continue their studies under the general supervision of one or more Centre members.

Please advised that Visiting Researchers/Teaching Fellows within the Centre will normally be expected to engage with the Centre research environment; attending research seminars, Centre events etc. The Centre may also ask an individual to present a research seminar paper and advise research students, where appropriate.

All Requests for Visiting Researcher status in the Centre must include a curriculum vitae and a brief description of the project to be undertaken during the term for which the individual is applying. The completed application/request is reviewed by the Centre including the Director and prospective sponsor and, upon approval, may be circulated to the Department of History for final confirmation.

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Information on 'Visiting the University'


Campus Map



The Department is not able to provide individual guidance or assistance to research scholars who are seeking housing. Warwick Accommodation Office may be able to assist with listings of locally available apartments and rooms; their services are generally available to all University I.D. holders.


Bank Accounts

Information from our International office on UK bank account set up.



The Centre does hold office computers however visiting Scholars and Post-doctoral Fellows are unfortunately not 'guaranteed' a Centre computer and we therefore advise you make provision of your own. If a computer is available, we may be able to allow on site access.



International Office - Insurance information


Office/Desk Space
The Centre, at present, holds three offices with an approximate total of 12 desk spaces for named Post-doctoral Fellows and Student Researchers, however we may be unable to allocate an office space based on the length of your visit.


Visa - International Scholars
Visiting Scholars and Post-doctoral Fellows who are not EU citizens must obtain a visa to enter the United Kingdom and must prove that they have adequate funds to support themselves and any dependents who will be traveling with them for the duration of their visit. To allow sufficient time to process visa paperwork, it is recommended that individuals who are not EU citizens allow at least three months from the time they formally apply to the Department and the date they expect to enter the U.K. to begin their visit.

International Office - Applying for visa information