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Father of two (born 1970s), from South-East England

Our first child (son) was born under the supervision of my wife's father who was a very experienced obstetrician. A week or so before the birth was due we had travelled from the Cambridge area to the North of England so that my wife could give birth in the hospital where her father practiced. The birth was induced. I was present at the birth but was very much an observer. I believe I gave some moral support to my wife.

The birth of our second child (daughter) was in America and in a private hospital, funded by my company who had moved us to America for my job. The main drama related to the weather. 2 foot of snow had fallen and the house we lived in had a long drive way. So I had parked the car at the end of the drive so that we could get away once my wife went into labour. All was well. I was present at the birth and was probably more use and offered more support this time as we were in a foreign country.

I am surprised how little I can remenber about either event. My wife remembers more !