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Mother of four (born 1970s/1980s), from Ireland

For the first, I was glad he wasn't there becuase I felt his anxiety/excitement would make things more difficult for me to handle. The second time round, I would have liked him or somebody there as due to terrible overcrowding in the maternity hospital that night, I was left by myself during labour - my only company being another woman in labour who was hysterical. It was only by chance that he attended the third birth- There was some anxiety about this baby whom they suspected could be in distress (when they broke the waters there were signs of this) - So he was anxious and hung around and the doctor encouraged him to come in just at the point of birth - So he stood at the end of the bed roaring at me to push becuase he could see her head !! Then, for the 4th he stayed with me throughout the labour in hospital and we walked up and down. when the labour intensified he stayed calm and very sensitive to what I said or needed. The birth was short and uncomplicated and we were both thrilled to greet this one together.