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Mother of one (born 2010s), from South-East England

I gave birth in a hospital. I had booked into the midwife led unit with the intention of trying a water birth but it was full when we went in so had to give birth in the consultant led unit but in the end I'm happy with how it worked out. We had one lovely supportive midwife with us the whole time. I laboured on my hands and knees with a birthing ball. My husband was there the whole time except when he went to get a sandwich. The labour was physically exhausting more than painful but I think my husband found some of it quite dull - I remember him texting etc and I was furious! Poor thing was just keeping my mum informed.

My husband was such a support in labour, passing me drinks & reassuring & encouraging me. When I got pregnant he didn't want to be at the birth but a hypnobirthing course changed his mind. I had a post partum haemorrhage and had to be whisked away to theatre. He was left holding the baby. He was very scared, thinking he was about to lose his wife & become a single dad. But those hours he spent caring for the baby really helped them bond.