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The Panel

The Panel


Each of the two evening performances was followed by a panel discussion including a member of the theatre company with academic specialists on a specific theme:

Friday 27th: 'Religion, Science and Commerce':
(Dr Claudia Stein - Warwick, Professor Steve Fuller - Warwick, Dr Carole Reeves - UCL, Fr P.P. Jayalath Fernando - Warwick, Alex Murdoch - Cartoon de Salvo)

Saturday 28th: 'Gigantism, Genetics and History':
(Brendan Holland - Pituitary Patient, Professor Márta Korbonits QMU, Dr Claudia Stein - Warwick, Ronan McCloskey - Producer/Director of BBC's Irish Giant, Brian Logan - Cartoon de Salvo)


"A fantastic forum where previous ideas about the medicine/religion divide were greatly stimulated".

"Like a live radio 4 'In Our Time' and a perfect illustration of why it's interesting for scientists and artists to work together".

"Valuable debate, interesting detail about endocrinological aspects, insight into development of theatrical productions."

"Panel was very interesting – it was fascinating to hear the personal insight of Brendan as someone with the condition."