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Alumni and Previous Students



Dr Andrew Burchell

‘Violence, Mental Health and the British School Child: from theory to practice in an era of war, peace and social change, c.1944-1980’




Dr Shrikant Botre

Sexual Modernity in Western India (1920-1960)


Dr Hye Jean Hwang

'Women and Depression in Interwar Britain: Case Notes, Narratives and Experiences'


Dr Kate Mahoney

"Finding Our Own Solutions": the Women's Liberation Movement, Contemporary Psychologies and Community-Based Mental Health Provision in Britain, 1960-1990


Orla Mulrooney

PhD (permanently withdrawn)
Sun and Surgery: History of Medical Tourism c1976-2011 – Case study of Indian ‘High-Tech’ Hospitals.

Dr Rebecca Noble

'Locura e Inquisitión: Madness in 18th century Mexico'



Gareth Carter

MA (permanently withdrawn)


Dan Ewers, MA


Erwann Hollevoet, MA


Philippa West, MA



Sarah Jane Bodell

PhD (permanently withdrawn)
'Work amongst the Sick Poor: Medical Missions in Southeast London and the Transition from Victorian Charity to the Welfare State, c. 1900-1960.


Dr Kyle Jackson

Mizos, Missionaries, and Medicine: Religious and Medical Contact in Northeast India.


Anne Moeller

PhD (permanently withdrawn)
The Economics of Philanthropy: Halle Pietism and the Medical Trade to India.



Catriona Matthews, MA


Ella Rogers, MA




Dr Thomas Bray

Translators of the Welfare State:
Boundaries, Knowledge and
Intervention in English Social Work,


Fabiola Creed, MA


Rebecca Lazarides MA



 josette_duncan1.jpg  20121010_108.jpg  jh3.jpg  claire_sewell1.jpg

Dr Josette Duncan

'Charity, institutions and dominion in British colonial Cyprus, Malta and the Ionian Islands (1800-1914)'

Dr Dan Ellin

Dr Jane Hand

Dr Claire Sewell


Sophie Greenway

MA - History of Medicine


Elizabeth Hardwick
MA - History of Medicine

'The history of bloodletting in nineteenth century psychiatry'.



Josh Moulding

Doctoral Research: Hungry for Health: Protein Deficiency, Biopolitical Citizenship and International Health in Guatemala, 1949-1977.

Withdrew permanently for personal reasons.




Anna Bosanquet

Creating Knowledge, Evolving Practice: 18th-century Midwives and Man-midwives.


Dr Darshi Thoradeniya

Women's Health and Body in Post Independent Sri Lanka.

photo of M.Moore

Dr Martin Moore

Chronicity in the Twentieth Century:

Diabetes in Post-War Britain.


Dr Rebecca Williams

'The Khanna Study: Population and Development in India, 1953-1969'.


Mara Gregory (MA)


Emily Yoder (MPhil)


Dr Emily Andrews

"Senility before Alzheimer": Old Age Mental Health in British Medicine, Politics and Culture, 1845-1914.



Emma Thornton

MA - History of Medicine


Jane Winter

MA - History of Medicine


Louise Laxton

MA History of Medicine

Withdrew permanently for personal reasons.




2012-13 PhDs

photo D.Beck

Dr David Beck
Thoroughly English: County Natural History, c. 1660-1720.


2011-12 PhDs


Dr Harriet Palfreyman

Visualizing Venereal Disease in London, c.1780 - 1860.


2010-11 PhDs

gb_hm_grad.jpgDr Gabrielle Robilliard

This project explored the identities of urban midwives in Germany from the end of the 16th century up until the introduction of widespread institutionalized maternal and infant care in the late 18th century. Supervisors: Professor Hilary Marland and Dr Claudia Stein



Dr Stephen Soanes : Rest and Restitution: Convalescence and the Public Mental Hospital in England, 1919-39.

Stephestephen_soanes1.jpgn's doctoral research has explored the changing place of convalescence in the public mental hospital system and wider community. It explores the contestation of convalescence as a category that defined not only the personal health of the individual patient but also their identity and belonging as patients and citizens. The liminal position of the convalescent set these patients apart. Neither sick enough to warrant continued hospitalization nor suffciently well to fully participate in occupational or domestic life the convalescent challenged dualistic conceptions of psychiatric treatment that distinguish between opposed categories of sickness/ health. This research questions who ultimately held definitional power over psychiatric improvement. Supervisors: Professor Hilary Marland and Dr Mathew Thomson


2009-10 PhDs

2008-09 PhDs

2007-08 PhDs

2005-06 PhDs

2004-05 PhDs