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O-Unseen Footage/Radiated Image at Warwick Arts Centre

On the evening of Thursday, 29 June 2006, in conjunction with the Society for the Social History of Medicine's annual conference, Phillip Warnell presented three new works at Warwick Arts Centre:

‘O’ – Unseen Footage/Radiated Image (performance work-in-progress)
The ‘Inner Eye’, described by mystic and philosopher Robert Fludd in 1617 as ‘oculus imaginationis’, does not receive images, it radiates them – projecting them onto a fantasy screen positioned beyond the back of the head, in the process providing a visual architecture for a journey through the transparent body. The notion of an inner eye, coupled with ideas of part perceptual, part cinematic and part observed interior landscapes also forms the basis for this new work, which features a miniaturised film projection falling onto a specially-made contact lens, worn by the artist using ‘the eye as a cinema screen’. A specially commissioned reproduction of a ‘posing stand’, used for holding subjects still during long exposures in early Victorian photographic studios, also forms an integral part of the performance and projection apparatus

Pallasite & Cereszone (artist’s limited edition maps)
This artist’s limited edition was prepared especially for the 2006 SSHM annual conference. Visitors to the performance space can claim their own individually numbered copies. Pallasite & Cereszone are two unique maps that chart a merger between the human and celestial body via the map as a space for thought, mining, radiation, recipes, espionage and citations.

Fever (video work-in-progress)
Fever is a video work-in-progress featuring a waterstone, an icerink, a steam outlet and some floor polishing in a new four-channel work. Highlighting ideas concerned with coverage, evaporation, disappearance and material properties, the piece considers the associative relationship between work, absorption and performance.