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Landscape of the Child in Post-War Britain

Dr Mathew Thomson

This project responds to recent anxieties about the well-being of the British children. Most notably, a recent UNICEF report placed British children near the bottom of a league of leading economic nations. The one category where Britain performed better was in levels of safety. But here too, there has been increasing concern that over-anxious parents and adults provide security at the expense of a necessary freedom for healthy mental and physical development. In particular, the lack of independent mobility experienced by many British children (and instead the tendency to being tied to the home and the computer) is now increasingly regarded as something with potentially detrimental effects for both physical and mental well-being...Full Description(PDF Document)


Conferences / Seminar Papers
  • 'Psychology, Well-Being and the Landscape of the Child in Post-War Britain' (CHSTM Manchester, 4 November 2008; Warwick 25 November, 2008; DOMUS, Birmingham, October 2009)
  • 'Sexual Danger, Rights and the Landscape of the Child in Twentieth-Century Britain' (Oxford Brookes, 9 December 2008)
  • "The Words Spell Deprivation but the Pictures Spell Joy": Photography and the Landscape of the Child in Post-War Britain' (Social History Conference, Warwick 4 April 2009)



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