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The History of Student Health in Post-War Britain

Dr Mathew Thomson

This project, curently under development, will provide a preliminary historical narrative charting the main changes in conceptualisation of student health in post-war Britain and the impact on policy and practice. It will use historical research to foster increased awareness about issues of student health in British higher education and more specifically at the University of Warwick. This will involve collaborating with student volunteers in researching the history of student health at Warwick, disseminating the results to students and professionals in this area, and organising opportunities to engage with these audiences in discussing the issues that emerge. The project will be of interest to academics working on post-war British history, and particularly the history of medicine, psychology, youth, sexuality, education. Full Description (PDF Document).

The research will build on the Centre for the History of Medicine's current Sexual Health Awareness Week project at the University of Warwick, which will involve students in engaging with academics in thinking about the recent history of sexual health, and will involve a week-long festival of arts events, witness seminars, and debate.



24th November 2009 - Talk at SHAW


Conferences / Seminar Papers

'The Rise and Fall of Student Health in Post-War Britain' - Social History Conference in Glasgow in April 2010