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People: Muriel Wheldale (1880-1932)

You can find out more about Wheldale's Research (PDF Document) Muriel Wheldale 1916

Wheldale quickly won the admiration of her male colleagues for the acuity of her genetic and biochemical insights: 2. Genes and Genius (PDF Document)

Art met science in Wheldale’s research, which testifies to the delight she found in the dazzling beauty of the flowers she studied: 3. 'Radiant like Gems' - Wheldale's Flowers (PDF Document)

Romance also bloomed at Cambridge, in ways that had a direct influence on both her work and private life: 4. Research and Romance (PDF Document)

Much of what we know of Wheldale comes through others, like the prism through which she herself regarded her botanical subjects: 5. A Closed Book (PDF Document)

Wheldale’s short but colourful life featured tribulations and triumphs in equal measure: 6. Trials and Tribulations (PDF Document)

Image: University Archives, Cambridge