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Workshop 2: Diabetes and Ethnicity

Our second IDEA-R workshop tackled research and practice addressing diabetes among ethnic and other minoritised communities. Dr Kamila Hawthorne spoke to the group about her own work on the subject, and the tools she had developed for culturally appropriate health education. This presentation (see videocast clips and presentation below) led into a set of fascinating discussions ranging across the disciplines and bringing in a wide range of research approaches and interventions. The group challenged the idea of 'hard to reach groups', and asked whether they were instead just 'easy to ignore'. We were also joined by two experienced research users, Qaim Zaidi of the British Heart Foundation and David (Dai) Williams of Diabetes Cymru (the Welsh arm of Diabetes UK). After lunch, Qaim and Dai both spoke to us about their experiences working with ethnic communites, the ways in which they used and accessed research -- and most importantly, the interventions they used and the types of research from which they felt they would most benefit. We discussed Community Champions, assessing outcomes, and influencing service commissioners to take minorities into account. Food practices were also an important aspect of these conversations. Professors Ala Szczepura and Mark Johnson brought in the issues of medicalisation and genetics, a subject on which we all had quite a bit to say! After a full discussion -- and another energising break for coffee and cupcakes -- we returned to talk about ways in which we could take what we had learned to enhance community access to health education, research and successful interventions. We also drew on Dai and Qaim's expertise to learn more about accessing the media, and making our own work more accessible to non-specialists. Video clips of all of our discussions are available below, labelled by topics and speakers as appropriate. As part of our preparation for this workshop, participants nominated key articles in their own fields; these (and others which emerged from a transdiciplinary literature review) are summarised in the Ethnicity and Diabetes Annotated Bibliography (Word Document).

Discussion and Presentation Videos (by topic)

Meet the Participants

Health Education and Service Improvements

Medicalisation and genetics

Research from the Perspective of Research Users

Food Practices and Food Cultures

Ethnicity, Race and Diversity

Using the Media

Roberta Bivins

Hannah Bradby

 Nisha Dogra 

Kamila Hawthorne 

Mark Johnson 

Ghazala Mir

Martin Moore 

Ala Szczepura

Dai Williams 

Qaim Zaidi


Health Education and Service Improvements

Kamila Hawthorne: Short Version

Kamila Hawthorne: Health Education Part 1

Kamila Hawthorne: Health Education Part 2

Kamilla Hawthorne: Opportunities

Roberta Bivins and Nisha Dogra: Improvements for ethnic minorities are improvements for all

Kamila Hawthorne: Learning from the Cochrane diabetes education review

Question: How can researchers get the attention of health educators? 


Medicalisation and genetics

There's a gene for that?

Should we prioritise genetic research on diabetes?

Genetics and Race

Mark Johnson: Medicalisation and genetics vs cultural explanations

Genetics and culture (marriage)

Using 'genetics' positively

Research from the Perspective of Research Users

Qaim Zaidi: Presentation (short)

Qaim Zaidi: Presentation (full)

Dai Williams: Presentation Part 1

Dai Williams: Presentation part 2

Qaim Zaidi: The need for patience

Qaim Zaidi: Ethics and Benefits for Community Research 

Dai Williams: Speaking to Communities

Dai Williams; Peer Support Initiative

Dai Williams on Community Champions

Community Champions and Outcome Measures 

Community Champions, Lifestyle vs Clinical Outcomes

Communicating with and through Community Champions

Dai Williams: Making service commissioners care

Question: Do research users look at the work of social scientists?

Bringing researchers and research users together


Food Practices and Food Cultures

Chips, food folklore and small changes

Qaim Zaidi, Dai Williams and Nisha Dogra on food practices 


Ethnicity, Race and Diversity

 Genetics and Race

Hannah Bradby and Qaim Zaidi: How ethnic diversity in Britain has been racialised

Dai Williams: Diversity and 'borrowing' research 

Using the Media

Getting the attention of research users

Dai Williams: Raising your media profile

Qaim Zaidi: The Asian media

Dai Williams: Using the media -- an Asian soap

Dai Williams: Media campaigns