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CHM and History of Medicine in the Press


In January 2016, Dr Jack Saunders, postdoctoral Ressearch Fellow with the 'Cultural History of the NHS' project, had an article on the history of NHS doctors' strikes published in the Guardian:


CHM dominated the summer 2014 issue of Wellcome History journal, with articles by students, staff and long-term collaborators.


AEON Magazine - Dr Katherine Angel writes about historic buildings, Monk's House in Sussex (Virginia Woolf's home) and the Neues Museum in Berlin, and what they tell us about our relationships to our pasts.


BBC News Magazine - How it became almost mandatory for dads to attend the birth

Dr Laura King's 'Hiding in the Pub to Cutting the Cord, Warwick Web Referenced.


History & Policy has just published a new policy paper & opinion article by Dr Angela Davis, exploring the history of NHS maternity services and the campaigns to improve them, and promote women’s choices and human rights in childbirth.

'Something should be done': campaigns for choice and human rights in childbirth - 23 May 2013

Despite over 50 years of campaigning for improvements to NHS maternity services, media reports suggest that they are struggling to cope with demand, while new campaign groups call for women's choices and human rights in childbirth to be respected. In a new H&P policy paper and opinion article, Angela Davis of Warwick University puts these concerns in historical perspective, arguing that women's calls for both choice and safety need not be in conflict.

Read Angela Davis' policy paper: Choice, policy and practice in maternity care since 1948

Read her opinion piece: 'Something should be done': campaigns for choice and human rights in childbirth


Medical Humanities - Roberta Bivins' Article - Ideology and disease identity: the politics of rickets, 1929-1982

Access the article at:

journalism.png - Professor David Hardiman

on the Amritsar massacre - 'Analysis: Amritsar massacre festering sore will not heal easily' =