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CHM Research Podcasts

podcast1.jpg Convenors: Dr Angela Davis and Dr Laura King, 'Understanding Parenting: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives' Conference:
Parenting in Modern Britain 
podcast1.jpg Dr Sarah York, 'War, Memory, Trauma:
Veterans Talks (Transcripts also available: see project page)
podcast1.jpg Dr Angela Davis on Motherhood:
World Service's news hour programme:
Podcast Dr Roger Smith - IAS Visiting Fellow (University of Moscow) Free Will in History and Contemporary Society Why the History of Human Sciences Matters to Medicine
podcast1.jpg Hiding in the Pub to Cutting the Cord? Organised by Dr Laura King as part of her Public Engagement Fellowship: see project page
podcast.jpg Interdisciplinary Researcher Workshop:
Honorary Professor Vivian Nutton:
'History, medicine, and the historiography of medicine'
Aileen Das (Classics): Galen's 'Medical Timaeus' in al-Bīrūnī's 'A Verification on What is Said on India ' (Taḥqīq mā li-l-Hind min Maqālatin)
Rebecca Taylor (Classics): Medicine in 6th-century BC Ionia
podcast1.jpg Irradiating the Sun-Starved: Light Therapies in Britain, c.1900-1940 (from Public Exhibition)
Dr Tania Woloshyn
Please note: For reasons of copyright, the images accompanying this lecture are unfortunately unable to be uploaded as part of the podcast. However, the majority of them are on display in the Exhibition to the 3rd June 2013.
Podcast Medieval Islamic Medicine
Professor Hilary Marland collaborated with Talking Birds as part of the ‘Polevault’ endeavour linked to their Olympic project: ‘Decathlon 2012’, providing commentary on mental illness and infanticide linked to canals for inclusion in an ‘audio walk’.
Podcast Research and Responses to Sick and Wounded Servicemen in England from 1650-1750 - Dr Matthew Neufeld
Sexual Health Through the Ages was a lecture delivered by PhD student Harriet Palfreyman. Sexual Health on Campuses was a discussion that examined how widespread sexual health awareness is across university campuses. Is Religious Belief Good for your Sexual Health? was a debate examining the relationship between religious belief and sexual health. Sexual health poetry analysis by PhD student Can Sonmez. / Sexual health poetry workshop led by Birmingham Poet Matt Nunn.
Podcast The Last Women - How improvisational theatre is providing a new insight into the history of capital punishment.