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CHM and History of Medicine on the Radio

radio.jpg Dr Sarah Hodges recorded an interview with Professor Mohan Rao of JNU, New Delhi, in March 2012 about her research on family planning and reproductive health in colonial India that can be accessed via YouTube:
radio.jpg BBC Four
Dr Angela Davis
interviewed on Woman's Hour: Fifty Years of Motherhood Manuals:
radio.jpg World Service's news hour
Dr Angela Davis' work on Modern Motherhood - on the World Service's news hour programme: 
radio.jpg BBC Four
Dr Katherine Angel interviewed on Woman's Hour on pharmaceutical companies' attempts to find drugs for "Female Sexual Dysfunction"
radio.jpg BBC Two
Dr Roberta Bivins - consulted on the programme, 'Smallpox in Wales - The Forgotten Killer', which drew on her research on medicine and migration in post-war Britain. (
radio BBC Coventry and Warwickshire
Dr Laura King - talking about her current project: Fatherhood and Childbirth. To listen, please review the 23/02/12 Malcolm Boyden programme: / - Time 1:20:20