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Early modern web links

Collections of primary material

Major text collections

Early English Books Online An online corpus of texts published in Britain from 1475 to 1700
Eighteenth Century Collections Online An online corpus of texts published in Britain from 1700-1800
The English Short Title Catalogue Lists over 460,000 printed items published between 1473 and 1800, giving the archival location of all known copies (and hence allows you to supplement both EEBO and ECCO, which do not hold copies of all printed items)

Library and archive collections

Gallica The French National Library's collection of its scanned holdings (page works in English, sources are in many languages)
Munich Digitisation Centre The Bavarian State Library's scanned holdings (page works in English, sources in several languages)
E- Codices Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland (pages works in English, sources are mainly medieval, with some early modern)
Old Bailey Online a searchable site which gives the proceedings of the London court for the period after 1674 and is a wonderful source of the social history of the period
BOPCRIS: British Official publications 1688-1800 A full set of 18th, 19th and 20th Century British Official Publications consists of approximately 250,000 Parliamentary Papers and an unknown number of non-parliamentary publications.
PARES The national internet portal of twelve major archives of Spain and two national centers of documentation. It easily searches them all and provides amazing access to millions of documents, many of them digitalized

Print collections- newspapers, periodicals, ballads, etc.

The Times from 1785
Spectator/Tatler 1711-1714
John Johnson Collection of Early Ephemera  
Collection of broadside ballads  
The British Museum's prints and drawings  

Thematic collections
Empire Online some documents relating to the colonial and trading ventures of the period
Early American Imprints  
British Library Renaissance Festival Books  
Modern Languages Association bibliography Secondary material relating to literary themes
Clergy database Information about clerics
The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record Handler, Jerome S. and Michael L.Tuite, Jr. 
Ecclesiastical Sources for Slave Societies This unique digital collection is maintained at Vanderbilt University and includes the oldest serial data on Africans in the Atlantic world, dating from the sixteenth century. Materials from the oldest churches in Havana and Matanzas are available online.
Library of Congress Hispanic and Portuguese Collections: An Illustrated Guide. Hébert, John R.- The Hispanic and Portuguese Collections of the Library of Congress are the most extensive in the world and include more than ten million books, maps, periodicals, government serials, and newspapers. The collections include rare books, manuscripts and maps about Spanish and Portuguese expansion into the Atlantic, Native American cultures, and the colonial histories of Spain, Portugal, France, and England in what is now the Caribbean, the United States, and Latin America
John White Drawings / Theodore de Bry Engravings Many of these images are available in print in Harriot (cited below under “Primary Texts: Letters and Narrative Accounts), but this website allows the viewer to compare and contrast watercolors with engravings.
The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents Easily accessible and searchable online edition of Jesuit letters detailing their experiences with Native Americans in North America during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Contains some errors and should be checked against authoritative editions
The Hakluyt Society Since the mid-19th century, the Hakluyt Society has been translating and publishing sources detailing all aspects of the history of voyages of discovery and exploration. European encounters with Africans and Americans in the Atlantic world figure prominently in these volumes. Website includes a link to those older editions now available online.

Bibliographic Aids

Early Modern Resources  
C18-L Resources for 18th-century studies across the disciplines, which has an interdisciplinary bibliography on as many aspects of 1660-1830 as possible
COPAC union catalogue of British research libraries
British Library catalogue  
British History Online  
Library of Congress catalogue  
Global Books in Print  
Index to Theses  
ISI Web of Knowledge  
ITER Bibliography of the Middle Ages and Renaissance


Commonplace Quarterly online journal first published in 2000, is deliberately more informal than most scholarly journals with more emphasis on think-pieces and exchanges of scholarly opinions than on fresh scholarship.
New England Quarterly Long-established journal about the region of New England that publishes top-rate academic articles, a good proportion of which concern the American Revolution
William and Mary Quarterly Now in its third series, it was transformed in the 1940s from a genealogically fixated Virginia journal to the premier journal in early American history and culture. Publishes the most important specialist articles on the American Revolution.


Early Modern Notes Blog of Dr. Sharon Howard; Project Manager at the University of Sheffield
Early Modern Online Bibliography Blog created by Anna Battigelli (SUNY Plattsburgh) and Eleanor Shevlin (West Chester University of Pennsylvania) for feedback on the EEBO, ECCO and Burney Collection Online