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Current PhD Students

  • Ricardo Aguilar (supervisor: Prof. Rebecca Earle, History) topic tbc
  • Thomasin Bailey (supervisors: Prof. Elizabeth Clarke/Dr Teresa Grant, English & Comparative Literary Studies): Second generation Sydney Cycle: The sonnets of Lady Mary Wroth and the network of literary collaboration and patronage around Wroth and the Earl of Pembroke
  • Tabitha Baker (supervisor: Prof. Giorgio Riello, History (GHCC)): The Embroidery Trade in 18th Century France
  • Ruth Barbour (supervisors: Dr Gabriel Glickman and Professor Beat Kümin, History): 'The Middling Sort of Catholic' in Eighteenth-Century Warwickshire
  • Alice Byrne (supervisor: Prof. Peter Marshall, History): St George in early modern England: continuity and change, 1509-1625
  • Chi-Fang Chen (supervisor: Prof. Tina Lupton, English & Comparative Literary Studies): The 1790s and the comic
  • Maria-Silvia Cohut (supervisor: Prof. Emma Mason, English & Comparative Literary Studies): Before and Beyond the Glass: Women, 'Mirrored' in 1700s and 1800s Literature and Visual Art
  • Martyn Cutmore (supervisor Prof. Mark Knights, History): Puritanism, Emotion and Moderation, Samuel Clarke (1599-1682): The Shaping and Moderation of Emotion in 17th Century Puritan Culture
  • David Fletcher (supervisors Prof. Mark Knights, History and Dr David Taylor, English and Comparative Literary Studies): Religion and the Restoration Stage
  • Sofia Guthrie (supervisor: Prof. Penny Roberts, History): Antoine Garissoles' Adolphid (1649), a Huguenot Latin epic: an edited text, translation and historical commentary
  • Natalie Hanley-Smith (supervisors: Prof. Mark Philp and Dr Sarah Richardson, History): the Menage à Trois and other unconventional relationships, c1780-1830
  • Chris Hunt (supervisor: Dr Claudia Stein, History): Investigating the Tradescant Cabinet
  • Tina Janssen (supervisor: Dr. John T. Gilmore, English & Comparative Literary Studies) Oriental Poetry, Latin Scholarship and the European Enlightenment: The Case of William Jones
  • Thomas Luttrell (supervisors: Prof. Mark Knights and Prof. Peter Marshall, History) Alternative Discourses: religious toleration in context, 1603-1647
  • Sihwa Mun (Prof. Emma Mason): Rethinking Vegetal Life in Romantic Poetry
  • David Nicoll (supervisor: Prof. Penny Roberts, History): The relationship between the French Reformed nobility and pastors in the French Midi (1555-1598)
  • Rebecca Pilliere (supervisor ,French Studies): Constructs of a Rebel City: Representations of La Rochelle in Early Modern Print Culture (1560-Present)
  • Qianwen Qing (supervisor Prof. Mark Knights, History): Corruption and the Colonies 1650-1750
  • Emil Rybczak (supervisor Dr Teresa Grant, English & Comparative Literary Studies): Thomas Johnson and the Play Publication in the Early Eighteenth Century
  • Sophie Shorland (Dr Teresa Grant): Early Modern Celebrity Culture
  • Katie Smith (supervisor Prof. Elizabeth Clarke/Dr Paul Botley, English & Comparative Literary Studies): Ovidian Female-voiced Complaint Poetry in the Early Modern Period
  • Dave Steele (supervisor: Dr Sarah Richardson, History): The Crowd in Britain 1780-1850
  • Hannah Straw (supervisor Prof. Mark Knights, History): thesis topic tbc
  • Connor Talbot (supervisor Prof. Mark Knights, History): thesis topic tbc
  • Edward Taylor (supervisor Prof. Mark Knights, History): News Periodicals in Later Stuart Britain
  • Hannah Whitfield (supervisor Prof. Mark Knights, History): Common consent and public profit: political languages in early modern England, 1580-1649.

Current Early Modern History MA Students

  • Lucy Elliott
  • Rebecca Swinney
  • Samuel Walton
  • Madeleine Warren
  • Hanna Slack