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Professor Maxine Berg

Papers & presentations at external events

17 July 2014 British Academy Meeting at London

2-5 July 2014 Seminar at UBC and meeting with Prof. Timothy Brook

21 June 2014 at Maison Francaise Event, Oxford

11 June 2014 Meeting with Jack Goldstone from George Mason University and IAS Lecture by Prof Jeremy Prestholdt from UC San Diego

5 June 2014 Fiction, Drama and History Workshop at Warwick

30 May 2014 Global History Workshop at Cambridge on Ocean World and Ocean History

29 May Public Lecture for the Pasold Foundation by Prof. Hudson

28 May Mark Philp Corruption Workshop

23 May International World History Conference at Warwick

22 May Prof. Pat Manning on Big History

21 May Workshop on Islamic World.

20 May 2014 Special Public Lecture by Prof. Nile Green

16 May 2014 Workshop on Archives and Museums at Bristol Local Record Office (Impact Event)

15 May 2014 PG Workshop and gave a public lecture on East India Companies at Bristol Council Chamber (Impact Event)

14 May 2014 Warwick-Birmingham 18th Century Workshop at Warwick

9 May 2014 Global History Center at Oxford for a panel on Environment and History

7-9 May 2014 Luxury Conference

29 April-1 May 2014 History after Hobsbawm Conference at Univ. of London

31 March 2014 War in History Conference at Warwick

28-30 March 2014 EcHist Society Conferece at Warwick and BM, BL and Warwick Meeting

17-18 March 2014 British Academy Meeting: How is Economics evolving?

14-15 March 2014 GHCC Conference at Warwick

12 March 2014 Second special meeting at British Museum and with Lord Stern, Trustee of BM along with the deputy Director of BM

6 March 2014 Caribbean World Seminar at Cambridge by Prof. Richard Drayton

4 March 2014 18th Century Seminar on South Asia at Cambridge

3 March 2014 British History Seminar at Cambridge on Britain, Scotland and Europe in 1815 by Prof. Richard Whatmore

28 February 2014 Chaired the session at The Gerald Aylmer 2014 Workshop: 'The Global Archives', Royal Historical Society, The National Archives and the Victoria and Albert Museum. This one-day event was held at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, (Impact Event)

27 February 2014 GHCC Japan and World History Event

22 February 2014 BL Research Visit

18 February 2014 History and Economics Seminar: Debate on inequality at Cambridge

13 February 2014 World History Seminar at Cambridge by Bayly

11 February 2014 Book Launch at Welcome Trust in London

7 February 2014 Margaret McMillan's seminar in Cambridge

6 February 2014 Special meetings at British Museum and with Lord Stern, Trustee of BM along with the deputy Director of BM

4 February 2014 Howard Chiang's Seminar on History of Science and 18th Century Seminar in Cambridge

3 February 2014 Special Lecture in Cambridgy made by Margaret McMillan

29 January 2014 Global History Workshop on Human Rights in History at Warwick

23 January 2014 18th Century Seminar at Warwick

22 January 2014 Participated Global History Centre on Travel, Colman

21 January 2014 CRASSH Seminar at Cambridge

17 January 2014 British Museum, British Library and Warwick Project Meeting

16 January 2014 World History Seminar at Cambridge

11 January 2014 John Thirsk Memorial Conference at the Univ. of London

8 January 2014 ERC New programmes conference at Warwick

13 December 2012 IAS event at Warwick on British and World History

10 December 2013 Had a meeting at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge with Ceramic Curator

9 December 2013 Participated at World History Seminar at University of London

28 November 2013 Economic History Seminar at Cambridge

27 November 2013 History Research Seminar and GHCC Event at Warwick

21 November 2013 Book Launch at Bishopsgate Institute London

19 November 2013 Had a meeting at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge with Ceramic Curator

14 November 2013 British Academy Prize and Medal Event

13 November 2013 Global Research Exchange at Warwick and ERC Application Event at Warwick

11 Novmeber 2013 Participated in Round Table in World History Seminar at London University, Senate House

7 November 2013 Attended the World History Seminar at Cambridge

6 November 2013 Attended the History of Objects seminar at Cambridge

4 November 2013 Participated in the seminar on the formation of VOC at Cambridge

31 October 2013 Attended SEELEY lecture at Cambridge

28 October 2013 Participated in World Factory Theatre Planning Event in Cambridge

25 October 2013 Dockland Museum visit - impact event

23 October 2013 Presented EIC seminar at St Andrew University

22 October 2013 Participated in the seminar on 18th Century in Cambridge

21 October 2013 Guest at the opening of History Research Centre at Oxford

17 October 2013 Participated at World History Seminar at Cambridge

15 October 2013 Special lecture at British Academy

14 October2013 Commentator on Seminar presented by Margot Finn about EIC at home

11 September 20013 British Academy Postdoc symposium- Chair and commentator

31-May-2 June 2013 – STOREP Conference Gaeta, Italy – ‘What is too Much’ – Keynote Lecture Paper Presentation

24 May 2013 – MESCAF Conference – Keynote Lecture – Senate House, University of London (Impact Event)

10 May 2013 – Lecture to the Royal Historical Society, London ‘Producing Material Culture for Global Markets. Craftspeople of 18th and 21st C. India’ Paper Presentation

5 May 2013 – Corporations and Companies Workshop – Dept. of Sociology, Yale University

2-5 May 2013 – Empire and Political Economy Conference – Yale University

24th April- Leeds University, Humanities Research Centre. Guest Lecture entitled: 'Material Culture for Global Markets: The Craftspeople of Eighteenth and Twenty-first Century India' Paper

25 March 2013- BBC History Magazine Lecture at the British Academy " The Industrial Revolution: workers & consumers" (see post event questionaires in Impact file). Panel with Emma Griffin. (Impact Event)

22 February 2013 The Gerald Aylmer 2013 Seminar: 'Why Material Culture?', co-organised by the Warwick GHCC, the Royal Historical Society, The National Archives and the Victoria and Albert Museum. This 0ne-day event will be held at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, (Impact Event)

29 January 2013- Part of Panel discussion held at British Academy discussing "Teaching Global History in the 21st Century" (see post event questionaires in Impact file) (Impact Event)

29 Nov 2012- Asian Studies Seminar- University of London (IHR)- "Trading & Consuming: East India Companies and Europe" (with Hanna Hodacs)

22 Oct 2012- Imperial and World History Seminar- University of London- Presentation entitled "Producing Material Culture for Global Markets: Craftspeople of 18th and 21st Century India" Powerpoint

11-12 Oct 2012- "Producing Material Culture for Global Markets"- AHRC Network on "Global Commodites" hosted by Warwick Univ, GHCC at V&A Museum, London. Paper given entitled "Producing for Global Markets: Craftspeople of Gujarat and Kachchh in the 18th and 21st Centuries" Paper, Powerpoint

27-28 Sept 2012- New Directions in Global History conference, Oxford University, paper entitled "Locations of Global History: Manufacturing Diversity in 18th and 21st Century India" Paper

13 May 2012- Seminar presentation entitled "Europe's Asian Centuries"- Dublin University

7-8 May 2012- "Introduction to Europe's Asian Centuries" and "Global Markets: The Oral History of Crafts in Kaachch, India", Leiden Warwick Symposium, Leiden University

23-26 April 2012- "Things: Material Cultures of the Long Eighteenth Century", University of California and Cambridge University, The Huntingdon Library

29 November 2011- "Was there an Enlightened Economy?", Talk given as part of the Long Eighteenth Century Seminar, University of Cambridge

4 November 2011- 'Why Europe Grew Rich and Asia did Not' LSE/URKEW Workshop, gave presentation

27 October 2011- Comparing Companies

14-16 October 2011- "Britain and Empire", Conference at Yale University, New Haven USA, gave presentation

6 October 2011- "Thunberg and Collecting Knowledge", conference at University of Uppsala, Sweden, gave presentation

22 September 2011- ERC History Projects conference- LSE URKEW and Warwick 'Europe's Asian Centuries '

23 June 2011- "Les Nouvelles Perspectives de l'Interconnected History pour l'etudes des relations entre l'Europe dt l'ocean indien", CERHIO Conference, Universite de Bretagne-Sud Programme, Historiography & Material Culture paper, Powerpoint

26 May 2011- World History Seminar, Cambridge University Material Culture & Useful Knowledge paper, Powerpoint

14- 17 April 2011- "Third European Congress on World and Global History", London School of Economics, gave presentation Europe's Asian Centuries- LSE Keynote Address, Powerpoint

8-9 April 2011- "Medicine, Science and Empire in the Eighteenth Century", Conference at University of Kent, Canterbury, gave presentation, Useful Knowledge & Industry paper, Powerpoint

4 April 2011- 'East-West Dialogues', Seminar presentation, Centre for History and Economics, University of Cambridge

1-3 April 2011- Economic History Society Conference, Robinson College, Cambridge, member of discussion panel

18-19 March 2011- "Mission, Science and Medicine in Colonial S. Asia: Situation the Tranquebar Mission(s) in the field", Conference at European University Institute, Fiesole, member of discussion panel

25 February 2011- Global Art? China and Europe in Early Modern Material & Visual Culture, member of discussion panel

4 February 2011- Conference on Political Economy and Empire, IAS, University of Warwick, member of discussion panel

 17 January 2011- "Useful and Reliable Knowledge in Global Histories of Material Progress in the East and the West" , URKEW Workshop, LSE, member of discussion panel

17-18 December 2010- "Historical Systems of Innovation: The Culture of Silk in the Early Modern World", Max Planck Institute, Berlin Silk & Savants paper, Silk & Savants powerpoint

 18 November 2010- Seminar Series: "Society, Culture and Belief, 1500-1800" Institute of Historical Research, London India Improvement paper, Powerpoint

External events & conferences attended

6 June 2013 – AHRC Network Workshop on 'History, Consumption and Inequality', Magdalene College, Cambridge

12-14 May 2013 - URKEW Final Conference, Windsor Great Park. Acted as commentator.

5-6 April 2013- Economic History Society Annual Conference, York- 5-6 April. Chaired New Researcher Panel.

22 February- The Gerald Aylmer 2013 Seminar: 'Why Material Culture?', co-organised by the Warwick GHCC, the Royal Historical Society, The National Archives and the Victoria and Albert Museum. This 0ne-day event will be held at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, 22 February 2013.

25 January 2013- Workshop: 'Global Gifts: Material Cultures of European-Asian Diplomacy, 1500-1800', co-hosted by Birkbeck College, University of London and Warwick GHCC Programme

12-14 December 2012- Global Commodities: The Material Culture of Global Connections, 1400-1800': international conference, GHCC Warwick

6-8 December 2012- 'The Birth of Global Cities' workshop held at the European University Institute, Florence. This workshop was a joint initiative of the Europe and the World Forum, Department of History and Civilization (European University Institute), and the Global History and Culture Centre

22 October 2012- Seminar- Richard Drayton- at Cambridge University

17/18 October 2012- Event at British Academy- title?

9 October 2012- Seminar at Oxford Universty- title?

11 September 2012 - British Museum- Workshop- "Natural History & Collection of Objects"

20-26 March 2012- Symposium "Material World, The Art & Culture of Global Connections", Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts

30 November 2011- Maarten Prak, "Institutions & Global History", hosted at Warwick University by GHCC

23 November 2011- William Gervase Clarence Smith, "A Global History of Horses", hosted at Warwick University by GHCC

22 November 2011- Catherine Eagleton (British Museum), " Global History of Money", hosted by CRASSH at Cambridge University

14 November 2011- Felcity Nussbaum, "Mrs Thrale and Samuel Johnson", Long Eighteenth Century Seminar, University of Cambridge

10 November 2011- James Fichter, "France, Empire and the Suez Canal", World History Seminar, University of Cambridge

9 November 2011- Emma Griffin, "The Dark Myth of the Industrial Revolution", Modern Cultural Seminar, University of Cambridge

8 November 2011- Emma Spary, "Food and the French Revolution", Early Modern Cultural History Seminar, Cambridge University

3 November 2011- Bas van Bavel, "Economy and Institutions in the Low Countries, Italy and Iraq: Medieval and Early Modern", University of Cambridge, Economic History seminar

25 October 2011- Kim Sloan(BM) and Charlie Jarvis (NHM), CRAASH Seminar in 'Things' Series, Cambridge University

24 October 2011- Pernille Roge, " Danes and the Abolition of the Slave Trade", Modern European History Seminar, Cambridge University

21 October 2011- "Early Modern Europe and Global History", Global History Centre Workshop, University of Warwick

5 October 2011- Richard Easterlin, "Happiness Economics", CAGE Special Event, University of Warwick

24 March 2011- "Life and Death in the Tropics", IAS, University of Warwick

4 March 2011- Christiaan Jörg, Professor Emeritus "The Wanderings of a Chinese Lady Plates, Parasols & Global Design in the Eighteenth Century" ,Public Lecture at the British Museum


Research and Archive trips

30 April 2013 – British Museum. BM/BL Application on trade and circulation in the Indian Ocean World Meeting with Giorgio Riello, Catherine Eagleton, Margaret Makepeace and Penny Brooke.

26 March- 4 April, Paris: Research in Ecole des Hautes Etudes – Archives, also Bibliotheque Natinale Francois Mitterand.

2 April Meeting with Liliane Hilaire Perez and Natacha Coquery

3 April. Meeting with Stephane Van Damme and Francois-Joseph Ruggiu

8-17 February 2013- India research trip and launch of oral history project- events at Bombay Yacht Club (through Mumbai University), National Insitute of Design and Arts Reverie (Ahmedabad) and University of Kaachch (Bhuj) Schedule

2- 10 November 2012- India Research Trip-Meetings at Mumbai University, NID in Ahmedabad, Arts Reverie in Ahmedabad, University of Kachch and with research assistants and craftspeople in Bhuj, Gujurat. Schedule

26 Oct- The Docklands Museum, London- meeting Tom Wareham, Curator

1 & 7 Aug 2012- Archival research, Edinburgh looking at Alexander Walker papers

February 2012- India Research Trip- Meetings at Mumbai University, and with research assistants and craftspeople in Bhuj, Gujurat.

28 December 2010- 10 January 2011- India Research trip- Meetings at Mumbai University, IIT Madras. Meetings with craftspeople and Museum curators in Bhuj, Gujurat. Research at East India Company factories on Coromandel Coast; Mumbai, Pondicherry, Chandengore, Tranquebar.