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Meike Fellinger

Papers & presentations at external events

29 May 2014 Modern European History Workshop, University of Cambridge. Paper on: ‘Private Enterprise and Flexible Citizenship: Merchants and Mariners of the China Trade, c. 1720-1750' Paper and Powerpoint Presentation and Programme

28-30 March 2014 Economic History Society Annual Conference, New Researchers' Session, Venue: University of Warwick, paper: ‘The principal-agent problem revisited: supercargoes and commanders of the China trade' Programme and Written paper for conference booklet. Powerpoint presentation

28 Januar 2014 Planning meeting/interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Chinese wallpapers in National Trust houses', organised by Emile de Bruijn, at the National Trust’s office in London. Attended by curators, conservators and academics. Powerpoint presentation

14-18 November 2013 ‘From China with love: merchant mariners and the private commission trade in Chinese export wares, 1720-1770' Paper at the international conference ‘Private Merchants of the China Trade, 1700-1842' at Guangzhou, China. Partly funded by the Callum McDonald Memorial Grant, History Department, University of Warwick and the Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou), Department of History Programme 

4 June 2013 Paper at a workshop at the Royal Historical Society. Organised by Kate Bailey (V&A), Haida Liang (Nottingham) and Lucia Burgo (V&A), project leaders of ‘Culture and Trade through the Prism of Technical Art History - a study of Chinese export paintings' Paper title: "China on Paper: Company men and the private commission trade in Chinese export wares in the 18th century" Programme /had to cancel due to illness

5 May 2013 Conference on "The Companies: Continuities, Transition, or Disjuncture?" organised by Emily Erikson (Sociology) and Julia Adams (History). Contributing a pre-circulated paper. Position Paper and Programme

3-4 May 2013 Yale University Mellon-funded conference on ‘Political Economy and Empire in the Early Modern World.' Organised by the transatlantic Political Cultures Working Group (Steve Pincus and Joanne Freeman). Joint-paper with contributions from all team members Joint paper + Powerpoint presentation and Yale Programme 

11-13 January 2013 ‘Big Business: wholesalers, mariners and the prediction of markets for Chinese export wares in Europe, 1720-1770' Paper at the ‘Goods from the East: Trading Eurasia, 1600-1830' conference in Venice Big Business

28 November - 1 December 2012 Participation in the Residential Training Course for Postgraduate Students in Economic and Social History, University of Manchester. Fully funded by the Economic History Society/ESRC. Programme and Paper

7 November 2012 ‘Merchants and mariners: knowledge networks and networks of trust in the China trade', Graduate seminar: Maritime and Oceanic History, University of Cambridge . Paper

7-8 June 2012: Short presentation of my thesis at the Leiden-Warwick Symposium, Leiden University

30-31 May 2012 ‘Talking fashion: wholesalers, mariners and the prediction of markets for Chinese export wares in Europe, 1720-50.’ Paper given at the annual postgraduate conference at Warwick University Powerpoint(Powerpoint Presentation) 

25 May 2012 Presentation at Osterley Park, London. In co-operation with Margot C. Finn and Kate Smith from ‘The East India Company at Home' project. I spoke on the section ‘Obtaining Goods in the East', see handbook. Osterley park

27 April 2012 Chair and principal organiser of the 2nd Monash/Warwick postgraduate seminar on ‘Visual and Material Cultures' Programme

1-2 July 2011 ‘Collecting the Companies: the material and quantitive evidence' Presentation with Chris Nierstrasz at our workshop at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

External events & conferences attended

16 May 2014 Professor Sir Richard Evans Valedictory as Regius Professor. Lecture on: ‘Britain, Germany and the first World War', University of Cambridge.

20 March 2014 Catalogue launch and celebration of ‘Chinese Wallpapers in National Trust Houses', China Tang Restaurant, Dorchester Hotel, London. Attended by members of the Wallpaper study group.

9 December 2013, ‘Culture and Trade through the Prism of Technical Art History - a study of Chinese export paintings' workshop II, Victoria & Albert Museum, organised by Kate Bailey (V&A), Haida Liang (Nottingham) and Lucia Burgo (V&A)


29 October 2013, Comparative Social and Cultural History Seminar, University of Cambridge, Martin Mulsow (Erfurt) on ‘Family Secrets: Transfers of Knowledge in the Inner Circle'

14 October 2013 Cambridge Seminar Series, Margot C. Finn ‘Sikhs, Sex and the Colonial State: British Historical Imagination and the Family of Ranjit Singh, c. 1800-1850’

14 March 2013 ‘British Library: Document Day' organised by the ‘East India Company at Home' project. Initial meeting for discussing the possibilities for working on digitalisation project of EIC material in cooperation with the BL & UCL

13 March 2013 ‘The Luxury Network' workshop: the meaning of luxury organised by Giorgio Riello, Rosa Salzberg (Warwick), Peter McNeil (Stockholm & Sydney) & Glen Adamson (V&A) - first of 5 events

12-14 December 2012 ‘Global Commodites: the Material Culture of Early modern Connections, 1400-1800' international conference at Warwick University, organised by Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello

11-12 December 2012 Participation in the Working Group on ‘Teaching Global History’. The workshop will discuss and structure a jointly-taught MA module between the University of Warwick/Monash University (Australia)

1 December 2012 Annual Meeting of ‘The Group for Debates in Anthropological Theory (GDAT). Venue: Renold Building, University of Manchester. The key question of the 2012 motion: ‘The concept of neoliberalism has become an obstacle to the anthropological understanding of the twenty-first century'

11-12 October 2012 ‘Producing Material Culture for Global Markets'. Venue: Research Department, V&A, London. This workshop was part of a series of events organised by the AHRC-funded research network on ‘Global Commodities'.

27-29 September 2012 ‘New Directions in Global History' International conference at St Antony's College, Oxford, organised by the Oxford Centre for Global History

18-19 June 2012 The Singleton Seminar Abroad ‘Epistemic Exchange in the Early Modern World. European and non-Europeans in Dialogue: Research Perspectives', Department of History and Civilization, European University Institute, Fiesole

27 April 2012 ‘Global colours: Theories, Materials and Colouring Agents in Global History', hosted at Warwick University.

2 March 2012 British Library Study Day with the ‘East India Company at Home' project

8 February 2012- The East India Company at Home (Warwick University) Presentation, IHR, London

30 November 2011- Maarten Prak, "Institutions & Global History", hosted at Warwick University by GHCC

23 November 2011- William Gervase Clarence Smith, "A Global History of Horses", hosted at Warwick University by GHCC

6-7 October 2011 'The Problem of Power', a two-day workshop, in honour of the career of Professor David Arnold, hosted by the GHCC

5 October 2011- Richard Easterlin, "Happiness Economics", CAGE Special Event, University of Warwick

22 September 2011- ERC History Projects conference- LSE URKEW and Warwick 'Europe's Asian Centuries

2 June 2011 Workshop on 'The Local and the Global in India' Key speakers: IAS Visiting Fellow Dr. John Lourdusamy (IIT Madras)

24 May 2011 Public lecture - 'Colonial Cultures and Subaltern Subjects’ by IAS Visiting Fellow Prof. Saurabh Dube (Centre for Asian and African Studies, El Colegio de México)

19 May 2011- Workshop on Useful Knowledge, Soho House, Birmingham.

14- 17 April 2011- "Third European Congress on World and Global History", London School of Economics

18-19 March 2011- "Mission, Science and Medicine in Colonial S. Asia: Situation the Tranquebar Mission(s) in the field", Conference at European University Institute, Fiesole

4-6 February 2011 Public lecture and workshop on 'Political Economy in later 17th and 18th Centuries' by Prof. Steven C A Pincus (Yale University)

17 January 2011- "Useful and Reliable Knowledge in Global Histories of Material Progress in the East and the West" , URKEW Workshop, LSE

Research & Archive trips

12-22 November 2013 Research trip and fieldwork in the Pearl River Delta, esp. Guangzhou, Whampoa and Shenzhen

6-10 May 2013 Research trip to various American museums with extensive collections of 18th century Chinese export wares (Yale Centre for British Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Peabody Essex Museum (Salem), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

7-12 March 2013 Research trip to the BL and The National Archives, Kew

7-16 September 2012 Research trip to North and North-East Scotland (Word Document)Research Report

24 February to 24 March 2012 Archival work in London The National Archives, Kew and the British Library (Word Document)research report june

9-23 October 2011 John Ford Bell Library, Minneapolis Archive presentation Report

31 March 2011 to 22 April 2011- Archival trip looking at British Library, India Office Records

Forthcoming Activities

11-12 July 2014 ‘Objects, Families, Homes' conference. Organised by the EIC at home project (UCL). Chair for a panel on shipwrecks/looting. Programm