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Edited Volume Goods from the East

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Some notes on editing:

I have followed the Palgrave style guide as far as possible.

Common corrections:

per cent rather than %

East and West rather than east and west

Eighteenth Century as a noun; eighteenth-century as adjective, e.g. 'In the Eighteenth Century' and 'eighteenth-century trade'

lb instead of pounds or lbs (plural also takes lb)

Picture List (uploaded 29.10.14)

Front Matter:

Acknowledgements (uploaded 29.10.14)

Table of contents (uploaded 29.10.14)

Maxine Berg, Volume Introduction (uploaded 29.10.14)


Jan de Vries: Understanding Eurasian Trade in the Era of the Trading Companies. (uploaded 29.10.14)

Objects of Encounters and Transfers of Knowledge

Section Introduction (uploaded 29.10.14)

Romain Bertrand, 'Spirited Transactions' final (uploaded 29.10.14)

Ghulam Nadri, 'Indigo in Euro-Asian Trade' (uploaded 29.10.14)

Olivier Raveux, 'The Orient and the Dawn of Western Industrialization' (uploaded 29.10.14)

Xu, Xiaodong, Europe – China – Europe: The Communication of the Painted Enamel Craft in 17th and 18th Century (uploaded 29.10.14)

Dagmar Schafer, patterns of design (uploaded 29.10.14)

Maxine Berg, Indian Weavers paper (uploaded 29.10.14)

Private Trade and Networks

Intro: Private Trade and Networks (uploaded 29.10.14)

Tijl Vanneste, The Eurasian Diamond Trade in the Eighteenth Century: Complementary Markets and Competing Networks RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Tim Davies, British Private Trade Networks and Metropolitan Connections in the Eighteenth Century RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Meike Fellinger, (New version) Worlds Apart? RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Om Prakash, The Dutch and English EIC Trade in Indian Textiles 17-18 Centuries RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Consuming East and West

Section Introduction (uploaded 29.10.14)

Anne McCants, 'Becoming Consumers' RW edit and Tables to go with paper (uploaded 29.10.14)

A Taste for Tea

Intro: A tast for tea RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Chris Nierstraz, The Popularisation of Tea: New companies, private traders and smugglers and the consumption of tea in Western Europe (1700-1760) RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Hanna Hodacs & Leos Müller, Chests, Tubs, and Lots of Tea RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Andrew Mackillop, A North Europe World of Tea: Scotland & the Tea Trade, ca. 1690- ca.1790 RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Bruno Blondé & Wouter Ryckbosch, Arriving to a set table. The integration of hot drinks in the urban consumer culture of the 18th-century Southern Low Countries (uploaded 29.10.14)

The Indian Ocean World

Jos Gommans, 'For the Home and the Body' RW edit (uploaded 29.10.14)

Bibliography (uploaded 29.10.14)