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The ERC grant agreement has two distinct sets of reporting periods:
a) Scientific, and
b) Financial management.


Scientific Reports(narrative report which will be prepared by the PI and project team in conjunction with RSS)

2 reports are required over the Scientific Reporting Period:

Interim: 60 days after the end of the 24th month, 01.09.10 - 31.08.12 – interim report due 30 October 2012

Final: 60 days after the end of the 48th month, 01.09.12 - 31.08.14 – final report due 30 October 2014


Financial Reports (arranged by RSS)


There is a different schedule for Financial Management Reporting. There are 3 reporting periods split over the 48 months as follows:

Report 1 covers months 1-18, 01.09.10 - 28.02.12 (report due 60 days later) – report 1 due 29 April 2012

Report 2 covers months 19-36, 01.03.12 - 31.08.13 (report due 60 days later) – report 2 due 30 October 2013

Report 3 covers months 37-48, 01.09.13 - 31.08.14 (report due 60 days later) – final report due 30 October 2014


The periodic report must include:
An overview, including a publishable summary of the progress of the work towards the objectives of the project, including achievements and outputs resulting from the project, as described in Annex I of the Grant Agreement.
a) The differences between the work expected which was to be carried out in accordance with Annex I, and the work actually carried out,
b) As annexes: copies of the scientific papers, presentations to scientific conferences, etc. (either published or submitted).