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General Online Resources

Online resources

Very good online resource, with links to museum and gallery images depicting the items in question: Sue Felshin, Glossary of 18th Century Costume Terminology

18th century fashion pictures and descriptions 

19th century pictures from tea production

The National Art Gallery has an interesting collection of auction sales catalogues (Christie's from 1776 onwards)

National Maritime Museum, London - In search of pictures?

Some colour definitions regency period

A very interesting collection of eighteenth century luxury goods:

Contemporary advice on shipping issues, H.D. Steel and H.L. Galabin, "The ship-master's assistant and owner's manual:containing complete information ... relative to the mercantile and maritime laws and customs containing complete information ... (9th edition) 1801 (as a google book, i.e. searchable)

Project from Nuffield College, Oxford giving historical conversions of length, weight, and capacity measures

And this gives a useful for list for conversion programme (and its own, rather complicated to install programme includes for instance peculs): Better and very extensive is Archaic Units of measure:

Interesting open-access page on early modern economic history, wiki-format (run by historians). Includes excellent definitions such as ‘bills of exchange' et cetera and provides a currency converter for Dutch guilders. 

Karun Collection, some lovely pictures of particularly Asian textiles, and informed blog to with them.

Sabrizain, on-line public library, containg out of print literature on the East indies, including e.g. William Foster Letters received by the East India Company Vol. I-VI, 

On-line resource on exploration:

The Oriental Ceramics Society, lists lectures (future & past) and the names of scholars working in the field:

Dictionary of Traded Goods and Commodities, 1550-1820 (from 2007), searchable online: