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IOR Documents

All of the files below are word (.docx) documents unless otherwise marked

See copy of guidance notes from the file of hard copies here

Private Papers

John Scattergood - Intro - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Thomas Bowrey

Papers relating to Nathanial Torriano

Papers relating to Thomas Hall and Alexander Hume

Miscellaneous Private Papers Collections

General EIC Trade and Staistical Info

General EIC trade statistics - from IOR D963

General EIC trade statistics - from IOR D624

Overview of European trade with Asia 1792 - from Add Mss 13818

- Add Mss 13818 full document (scanned)(PDF Document)

Miscellaneous notes on overall size of the East Indies trade - various sources

Debates on EIC trade - from Mss Eur D300

Accounts of Goods Sold in London (all Excel files):

Goods sold at Company's sales 1752-72

Account of EIC Goods Sold 1764-1766

Account of various EIC Goods Sold 1783-1785

Account of EIC Goods Sold 1787-1793

Account of EIC Goods Sold 1791-1798

Account of goods Imported and Sold 1787

Account of cost and sale amount of EIC goods sold 1786-1787

Account of cost and sale amount of EIC goods sold 1789

Account of EIC India Goods sold 1788-1790

Account of EIC Bengal Chints sold 1776-1781

Account of EIC Piece Goods Sold 1770-1790

Import of Muslins and Callicoes, Company and Private, 1785-1792

Account of EIC goods sold from China 1787-1792

Exports to India and China 1764-84 

Exports to and imports from Calcutta 1795-1800 

Statistics from Chaudhuri's chapter in 'Ships, Sailors and Spices' volume 

Private Trade Miscellaneous

Some brief examples of private trade cargoes

- IOR D/96 and 98

- IOR L/AG/1/6/9

Private Trade regulations

Miscellaneous comments on regulation of private trade

A regulation on private trade China (IOR E/4/98)

Notes from Charles Cartwright's Orders and Regulations of the EIC


Notes on sources taken from Pickett, Bibliography of the East India Company

China Trade:

Miscellaneous material related to tea

Brief notes from Pehr Osbeck's Voyage to China

Archival Material

Additional IOR volumes and papers consulted

Potential Archival Material to Follow Up

Potentially useful sources from TNA

List of factory views and plans, from India Office Select Materials Catalogue