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Swedish and Danish East India Companies


Literature list on the Swedish, Danish and the Ostende Companies (Word Document)

Links to Scandinavian archives:

The Swedish East India Company Digitial Archive (including material from Göteborgs stadsmuseum, Göteborgs universitetsbibliotek, Kalmar Stadsbibliotek, Kalmar stifts- och gymnasiebibliotek, Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien, Sjöfartsmuseet, Uppsala universitetsbibliotek (but not including e.g. Riksarkivet, Lunds Universitetsbibliotek)

Jean Abraham Grill's archive in Nordiska Museet (extensive private archive including a wide range of material on the Swedish trade with China).



Asiatisk Kompagni  ware house

The warehouse of the Asiatisk Kompagni, Copenhagen

Chinese painting of Danish East India man 1798

Danish East India man, Henriette, 1798, Chinese painting


Swedish factory in Canton

Swedish Factory in Canton