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GHCC Funding Supported Projects

Atlantic Studies: Global Flow, workshop at City University of Hong Kong

Violence and Exit: State-Building and Counter-Insurgency at the End of Empire

Islands Unchained: The Caribbean, Environmental History, and Cultural Forms, Report (Word Document)

Queer Asia as Historical Critique, Report (Word Document)

Jiangxi Sites and the Material Culture of a Local/Global Past

Critical Entanglements: Histories and Cultures of Global Health Seminar Series; Report(Word Document)

Conference Attendance: “Textile Trades and Consumption in the Indian Ocean World, from Early Times to the Present"; Report(Word Document)

African Trade and Ethical Consumption in the Atlantic World, 1760-1840; Report(Word Document)

Sierra Leone Past and Present’ International Conference attendance; Report(Word Document)

Marine Zoogeographies: British Navy and Military Cultures of Natural Science in the Nineteenth-Century North Atlantic; report(Word Document)

The New Environmental World History: Periodization, Commodity Frontiers, and the Metabolic Rift

Workshop on Comparative Histories of Slavery;

Antisemitism and Encounters between Europe and the Middle East; Report(Word Document)

When China Met Africa film screening; Report(Word Document)