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Viewing author records

Each author represented in the database has a full biographical and bibliographical record. When you run an author search (complex or simple), a list of authors is shown in the Authors Resuts List. Each author is presented in a row of the table, starting with a magnifying glass icon magicon.jpg. Clicking on this icon opens the selected author's record in the Selected Author Record page.

Biographical Details

The left hand half of the Selected Author Record page gives biographical details where available. This includes a list of all of the names by which the author is known. The record for each name may be inspected by clicking on its magnifying glass icon magicon.jpg.

Bibliographical Details

The right hand side of the page contains a results table that lists all of the publications by the author that are recorded in the database (published under any of their known names). The table may contain more than one page. Use the up and down arrows on the paging control paging.jpg to go through the pages.

You can view the details of any of the listed publications by clicking on the magnifying glass icon magicon.jpg at the start of the row for that publication in the table. This opens the chosen publication in the Selected Publications Record page (in the Publications section). You can then examine the publication record. After reading the publication record, you can switch back to to the author record by selecting the Authors tab followed by the Selected Author Record tab.