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Simple authors search

Use this form for:

You can use the Simple People Search form to do a quick free-text search for records about people. Using this form will give you a list of matching people. You can then examine the detailled records of each person, including their publications. The process is:

  1. Enter one or more search phrases, each in a different field;
  2. For each phrase, specify if the phrase must be matched (AND) or might be matched (OR);
  3. You may also save the search into your Filing Cabinet. You can then re-run the search at a later date.
  4. Decide upon the order in which you want the results to be listed.
  5. Click the search button;
  6. View the people listed in the Results List;
  7. Inspect individual people;
  8. Optionally, view details of a person's publications, or information about other names by which they are known.

Fields searched:

This form performs a free-text search of the following fields:

  • Lastname;
  • Firstname;
  • Associated places;
  • Place of birth (settlement, county, country);
  • Notes;
  • Sources.

Combining search phrases:

You can use more than one search phrase, and may set the search to return records containing any of the specified phrases (OR). You may also specify that only records containing all of the phrases are returned (AND).

Please note that:

  • Search terms that will match many records (i.e. 'Ireland') will perform very slow searches.
  • You should not use wildcard characters in these searches (i.e. '*').

If you need to precisely match names, dates (e.g. birth) or locations (e.g. birth), then use click on the Complex Authors Search tab.