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Video and Audio Content

If you would like to hear more about my existing migration work, follow these links to listen to short talks:

If you would like to learn more about the history of the NHS, you might enjoy our People's History of the NHS website, which also has some great videos from our BBC documentary, 'The NHS: A People's History'.

You can also watch or listen to some of my thoughts here: 'At home with the NHS' or 'Echoes of War in the Early NHS'.

And I took part in an interesting conversation about NHS ideals with nurse and author Christie Watson for the BBC Radio 4 program 'Free Thinking'.

With the 75th Anniversary of the NHS coming up fast, you might be interested in a talk I gave on NHS anniversaries and what they tell us about 'loving' the NHS: Seeing the Love? Forging and Fighting Feelings for Britain's NHS

If you are thinking about studying history of becoming a historian, You might be interested in this discussion with Dr Elise Smith, myself, and our incoming class of history students here at the University of Warwick.