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AHRC / WPRS Titles and Proposals

Please note that these nominated topics are for guidance only and are not exhaustive or specific as to the fields of study successful in gaining these awards.



AHRC /WPRS Successful PhD Titles

Architecture of the Thames in the eighteenth century with a view to unpick ideas of commodity circulation and economic practice (PDF Document)

Growing field of drinking studies by exploring English and French drinking culture. (PDF Document)

Exploration of the history of indentured workers in the post-emancipation British Caribbean (PDF Document)

Vietnam Solidarity Campaign: examining the organisational substructure of far left activism. (PDF Document)

Reproductive Health in India - 1947-1994. (PDF Document)

Historical understanding of printed word and public sources pertaining to poverty in EME. (PDF Document)



AHRC Successful MA Titles

How India's imperial experiences manifest themselves within cultural artefacts (PDF Document)

Cultural context of the First World War. (PDF Document)

Exploration of the tension between psyche and soma, so well illustrated in neurasthenia. (PDF Document)

The Impact of Protestant Reformation on music and musical culture within C16 England. (PDF Document)

Constructions of Masculinity among enslaved men in antebellum South Carolina.  (PDF Document)

Popular political impact of the wartime organisation Common Wealth. (PDF Document)

A study of 'Thomas Morton'. (PDF Document)

AHRC / WPRS PhD topics Also Nominated

Cultural history of British imperialism & the history of material culture.

Extent to which the English Reformation engendered 'confessionalized' understandings of the body.

The 'Historiography' of "Slave Community" - Nature of masculinity in slave quarters.

A study of the later Henrician Reformation.

AHRC Masters Topics Also Nominated

Activities of Margret Moninger, an American missionary working in Hainan province from 1915- 1927.

Highwaywomen from 1700-1800.

British society and culture and how this is altered by broad external factors such as war and modern globalisation.

Comparative study of how women from Hispanic-American and white ethnic groups in the USA waged a battle for their bodies.