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History Department - ESRC Quota Award

We are pleased to announce that the Department of History has been granted one three-year doctoral scholarship by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for study beginning in 2012-13. This award could also be considered by MA applicants, for it could alternatively be a '1+3' scholarship - covering 1 year of taught MA studies, and the 3 years of the doctorate.

The award covers course fees and maintenance, and is designed to allow students to undertake three years study towards a PhD (or four years, if it were to be a 1+3 scholarship). To be eligible, students need to demonstrate a residency connection with the UK. (Students from the EU, who have not been resident in the UK, may be eligible for a tuition-only award).

The ESRC primarily funds research in the social sciences, but also supports work in the fields of economic and social history. Economic and social here can be defined quite broadly, and if you are in doubt as to whether your intended project falls under the remit of the ESRC, contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof Rebecca Earle