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ESRC Applicant Titles and Topics

Please note that these nominated topics are for guidance only and are not exhaustive or specific as to the fields of study successful in gaining these awards.


ESRC Successful 1+3 Titles

The Organization of Medical Space and Time in Britain, 1914-1945 (to be approved by ESRC) (PDF Document)

Perceptions of mental illness held by patients' families during the Modern Period. (to be approved by ESRC) (PDF Document)

The life-blood of the British? – A Postcolonial history of blood-grouping, 1901-1950 (PDF Document)

An Exploration of Gujarati Merchant Trading in the Western Indian Ocean and to the East Coast of Africa, c. 1500-1800 (PDF Document)

Domesticity, Material Culture, and the Communication of Irish Nationalist Identity, 1890-1918

Alcohol and Nation-Building in Nineteenth Century Mexican Fiction

ESRC 1+3 Titles Also Nominated

From Crucifixes to Commandments: the rise of textual and secular images in England’s parish churches

Activities of Margret Moninger, an American missionary working in Hainan province from 1915- 1927.

Titles nominated for +3 competitions

'Boffins, Wonks and Eggheads: Culturing the Heroes of 20th Century Science'

Networks and Urban Identity: The Consumer Culture of Merchant Communities in London & Hamburg 1770-1820.

Confronting Modernity: Visions of Mexico in the Beat Generation and La Onda